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Ignorance and Bigotry

Updated on December 20, 2011

Ignorance and Bigotry

 Ignorance is the main factor that sparks the cowardly and vicious attacks upon people regardless of gender, religion race and or colour, this is because these racists know very little about others due to a lack of education and usually because they were brought up in a racist environment, its not their fault as we only learn by example in this life and if we are not aware that something we do is wrong then we take it as allowed and are ignorant to the others we hurt.

Homophobics for example are ignorant people who fear gay people because they in their narrow-mindedness think that we are all out to sleep with them and think that we are going to try it on with them. They believe that we are evil and wrong and that we should be made into second class citizens for them to ridicule and abuse us, they are the ones who are wrong and ignorant and its best to keep away from people like that. If you feel threatened or have been attacked by a homophobic person or any one else for that matter then please report it, we do not have to take it. They are bigoted and only see their side as being right and are ignorant to the views and ways of other people and believe in starting the attack upon you but like I said before they wont do it on their own its always in a group so as to intimidate you.

Its quite sad for them really that they have to be like that when we spark no threat to them what so ever, but the times are changing and things are getting better every day and in time bigotry and ignorance will be a thing of the past.


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