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Immaturity in Adulthood

Updated on March 2, 2016

Is this where the United States is headed? Is this our future?
Is this where the United States is headed? Is this our future?

When Will We Really Grow Up?

Today when you look on social media you will find posts constantly about the kids of each generation. Most that I have seen lately are ones saying things like "we thought the nineties kids were bad look at the 2000s ones." Statements like this are all over the place. It's funny and it is typical of each generation to go against the ways of the generation before them.

One thing that is different these days seems to be the maturity level of each generation. Our parents were parents in their 20s mostly and they raised us and did what they were supposed to for the most part. We, being the 80s kids though seem to be struggling with growing up from what I have seen. Sure there are some of us who are grown and raising our families and going to work and such like grown adults. Others from this generation though aren't doing so well at that. There are many people in their 30s still living with relatives while raising their children. Ok so this does happen with some in every generation but it seems to be a larger number here.

The other aspect of maturity that the 80s generation doesn't seem to have grasped that our parents did is that high school is over. Why are so many people from this generation stuck in the ways of high school? Is it social media? I think maybe. People, especially women it seems, will stalk other people's Facebook pages and make comments or message people or whatever and start up the pettiness that we had in the school hallways. This is a level of immaturity that should have been given up many years ago. Why is it that when we sign into our Facebook account we have to deal with people bad mouthing us or making accusations against us? Why do we have to deal with people making stupid threats meant to harm b our feelings? Is this not craziness?

When we look at the generation from the 90s we see our siblings. They are also involved in this craziness of acting like they are still in high school. Instead of walking through the halls handing off notes to each other to pick on people we now do it on sites like Facebook and twitter.

How in this time of anti-bullying campaigns and wimpy kids who all need a prize for participation are we, the adults, the parents, the leaders of the next generation, doing this? How can we complain of bullying in schools and such, but then turn around a act like teenagers on social media? Maybe this is why our children are the way they are. We don't want them bullied yet we bully each other openly where they can see it.

How do we fix this? When does this generation grow up and mind their own business and live their own lives without interfering in the lives of others just for fun? Hopefully one day my peers will grow up, the ones who haven't figured it out yet, or we will soon have a generation of grandparents beating on each other in the nursing homes because we don't like the person somebody married or the color they dyed their hair.


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