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What Is Love In A Relationship?

Updated on December 21, 2016

What is Love you ask?

When you first met your significant other how did you feel? I can tell you that when I met my significant other, I had butterflies in my stomach and a full heart. I told myself that I wanted nobody but her. If that is the way you felt then it is right. There will be times where you may think that nothing will work out. Here is the truth to be blunt. If it does not work out then it is not right.

Love is honest, kind, loyal and caring. It will show us mostly the good in our lives and help us through the tough times that we go through. I have never been in love before. It was not until I met my girlfriend that I knew what love felt like. When it comes to relationships, we all may feel like we love someone. Usually because we want to convince ourselves that it will work out. This is because we all are afraid of hurt. Truth be told that even in honest relationships there will be times that hurt because of what we go through, say and do. I have learned a lot about relationships over my past experiences and am hoping to show other people out there that feel unloved in their relationship that there is hope. If you feel unloved then maybe you should sit down and talk to your significant other. I am speaking to both men and women. Often girls seem as if they do not care about a relationship as well as guys at times. However, everyone needs to know that it may take two people to make a relationship work and one to make it fail. I have always been taught that if you are in a relationship then you need to be a team. Being a team makes life a heck of a lot easier. My girlfriend and I are by far the best team I have ever been a part of. If you are in that point in your relationship then make sure you keep that person.

Love is definitely what keeps a relationship together. Even when times are tough you have to work together to get through it. Hold your head up high and realize that you picked each other. Realize that if one of you decide to lie then that is not on the other person. Like I said above about how love is honest. If that is how you feel then do not let your significant other down. It will be hurtful and upsetting. Let alone it is a steep path that you are walking down. I recommend you do not choose that path whatsoever. If the relationship is meant to be then you will get through it together as a team.

What to do in tough situations.

If you are presented with a tough situation in your relationship. I can only tell you to hang in there and get through it on the upside! Meaning, if you feel as if you are the only one that cares about the relationship and know that you can convince your partner that there is hope. That means that there truly is hope no matter how tough things get. I have learned that in the toughest of situations. In the end it has proven itself to work out for the best! Whatever you do, do not give up! If you do then you will not know what you are missing! He or she could be the right one for you but if you give that up then there is no point on continuing your relationship! Do not be the type to give up in tough situations. Keep your head up and be strong for your significant other.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 11 months ago

      In all honesty there is no "one definition" for the word (love).

      Essentially each individual has their own idea of what love is suppose to look like, feel like, and how people "in love" should behave towards each other.

      Ultimately it is about having someone love us (the way) we want to be loved. Whenever that doesn't occur we don't (feel) loved.

      For example a married woman with a husband who rarely compliments her, seldom makes an effort to romanticize her with token gifts, flowers, or the occasional weekend getaway.... may feel "unloved".

      However if an intruder broke into their home he'd die to protect her!

      Can she really say her man "doesn't love" her??? No!

      The reality is (he) doesn't love her "the way" she wants to be loved!

      It's really not about (him) and how much he may truly love her.

      Until we find someone who does or treats us the way we expect a person who loves us to do we won't feel loved.

      "If you loved me you would...etc" is a very common statement made.

      Therefore our real goal in our search for happiness in relationships is to find a mate who (naturally) loves us "the way" (we) want to be loved!

      That will vary from person to person. One man's opinion!:)