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Important Tips to Prevent Divorce

Updated on December 15, 2009

Preventing Divorce

How to save my marriage now?

How to prevent divorce ?

What are the common marriage problems and solutions?

Is preventing divorce difficult?

Will these endless fights that sap my energy and make me feel miserable,ever stop?

Why should I suffer a loveless and empty married life while all my friends and colleagues seem to enjoy happy married life?

Of all the people why should this happen to me?

These are the questions haunting about half the number of married couples whose marriages are strained and heading towards the inevitable divorce resulting in broken homes,trauma,resentment and unhappiness for all the family members involved.People do not realize the fact that it is easy to fix these common marriage problems to prevent divorce.If there are marriage problems,there are solutions too if you are willing to apply them.With little tact and understanding,preventing divorce is easy. We all long and dream to have a crisis-free marriage to enjoy life but generally it never happens that way.This is because marriage makes
two individuals with separate personalities having different tastes and likings to come together and lead life as husband and wife.There are bound to be disagreements but can be resolved through genuine efforts from both husband and wife.

To make a marriage successful and long lasting,it has to be carefully nurtured by those who stand to benefit the most,both husband and wife.Successful marriages do not happen by accident.It is the responsibility of both husband and wife to make the marriage work by carefully working on it with dedication.There are some golden rules which if followed sincerely will not only help in preventing divorce but also bring happiness into our homes.

Save my marriage now|preventing divorce golden rule-1:

Love your spouse with all your heart and never let the flame of love die down by kindling it often.Never take your spouse for granted.

It is not enough if you love your spouse, you must also make your spouse feel your love by subtle gestures such as a loving hug,reassuring touch and small gifts on occasions like birthday,wedding anniversary etc..Your spouse will appreciate it even if the gift is not costly since it represents your love.

Save my marriage now|preventing divorce golden rule-2:

Always be honest with your spouse and never ever lie to your spouse as it erodes your credibility.Also make your spouse realize that you expect the same from him or her which will be gladly accepted as it strengthens
the bond between you.

Save my marriage now|preventing divorce golden rule-3:

Make your spouse understand that he or she is the most important person in your life and will ever remain so.Discuss all matters(that your spouse is interested in) with your spouse even if it is trivial according to you.

Save my marriage now|preventing divorce golden rule-4:

Never ever indulge in extramarital affair as it destroys the trust factor forever. Never ever flirt with opposite sex thinking that it is harmless because it is the first step that leads to extramarital affair and resulting in divorce.Flirting may also arouse suspicions and will affect your marital life as it demeans your character in the eyes of your spouse who will not respect you afterward.

Save my marriage now|preventing divorce golden rule-5:

Never encroach on your spouse’s personal space.If you do so, he or she may feel uncomfortable living with you.

Save my marriage now|preventing divorce golden rule-6:

Never argue,criticize or condemn your spouse.Criticism never solves any problem but will only aggravate it.Criticism and condemnation demoralizes and creates resentment.Criticism also does not correct the situation for which it was intended.Every human being longs for appreciation but dreads condemnation.

Argument never solves any problem because even if you win,you lose the goodwill of your spouse since it hurts his or her pride causing loss of face.When you win an argument,you inflict injury to his or her ego diminishing your spouse’s self worth. A person convinced against his or her will won’t change the opinion.Think it over.Which would you prefer?The good will of your spouse or winning the argument and losing the goodwill?

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    • profile image

      doubleyourdaddyduties 6 years ago

      Family happiness, parenting and family togetherness are essential part for healthy and understanding family. Parents have to keep better understanding to prevent divorce so their children get mixed parenting.

    • profile image

      Rick  7 years ago

      These are very good words of advice something we should all practice daily and follow.