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100 % Impress your Partner or Friend : Psychological TRUE 5 ways

Updated on January 12, 2016

Impress your Partner : Psychological TRUE ways

We all want to impress a girl or boy to get into relationship or to get married. But we all often fail to leave a impression. Here are some ways that has been psychologically proved true to put impact of your personality on partner or a person. Our mind like a partner if the senses of the person declared him/her likeable. Hence we will just learn how to impress the senses : eyes ,nose ,ear and skin. and how leave a impact on the mind of another person through senses

Impress the Senses of person

1.Leave impact on eyes of the person

Eye is a primary sense that gathered basic information and on the basis of this information our mind judge a person and decide that a person should like it or not. In short it does not matter how we look ( black ,white ) ,important is that how we carry our outlooks. Wear Dresses of the likeness of your partner not your dress only even outlook contains your dress up ,hair style and your way of fashioning

2.Leave impact on Nose of person

Many research have found that most of the person rejected by a person because of his/her body odour.hence now you need to impress a person by your body smell .If you you smell good then person will like to come close to you.If your body smells bad then you can use perfumes.

3.Leave impact on Ears of person

If your way of talking is loud and rapid then no one going to be impressed so just learn to speak politely and talk in gentle way.If ears of the person checks you as sweet and nice then person's mind will give the green signal for your relationship

4.Leave impact on skin

Skin should be smooth so that if someone touch you then he would not feel a harsh skin if somebody gets pleasure to touch you then he will going to like you

5.Leave impact on feelings

If you show your partner that you think for her/him and show your care towards him then he/she will begin to think about you and his/her heart will really pump for you,so make a strong influence on person's feeling to impress him/her


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