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In Appreciation of Flowers

Updated on August 7, 2015

Flowers have always been a part of human culture and traditions. In ancient Egypt, floral arrangements were used in religious rituals and social occasions. The ancient Romans used to worship a goddess of flowers called Flora while its Greek counterpart was known as Chloris. Flowers in all their beauty and elegance have inspired poets and writers throughout the generations. People have always praised the beauty of flowers and their importance to the world and environment.


Flowers are the protectors of environment as they filter the air and release essential oxygen. They are also the primary food source for many insects and birds. Flowers are also beneficial to humans too, and for ages, humans have used flowers in numerous ways. In addition to their use in the kitchen as tea and spices, flowers have been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and enhancing self esteem amongst others. Flowers also bring cheer and they are usually brought to hospitals and sick beds. Studies have also indicated that flowers induce long-term positive effect on moods and social behaviors. The field of developing plants for the benefits of humans is known as horticulture, and the field is also closely related to growing flowers. However the art of arranging flowers and the business of selling flowers is known as floristry. Plants are grown primarily for flowers, which are then sold to retailers and florist shops around the world. Florists rely on an entire network of commercial flower growers and delivery services to support their trade. It is a very demanding job and in the case of rare and imported flowers they even have to contact wholesalers who have direct connections with growers in other countries to provide those flowers.


As people use flowers in everyday life, the demand for them keeps increasing day by day. Around the world, we can see florists selling flowers for a wide range of occasions and festivities. People present flowers to each other on social occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. In fact, a bouquet of flowers is a popular and ideal birthday gift. Flowers are also integral to many celebrations and celebrating Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day will be incomplete without flowers. It is not only for special occasions but people also present flowers all the time as tokens of love and goodwill. They are not only associated with happy occasions, to convey happiness or romance but also regret and compassion Flowers also carry huge symbolism and people have assigned different emotions to different flowers. The study of flower symbolism is known as floriography and although the meanings of flowers differ through the years, people still use flowers to express their emotions and feelings. The popularity of flowers has led to an upsurge of flower shops all over the world and the internet.


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