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In Need Of A Christmas Wedding Decoration Idea?

Updated on December 1, 2012

Decorating for a Christmas wedding can be exciting, but coming up with a new Christmas wedding decoration idea after you've been brainstorming can be difficult. Luckily, a Christmas wedding decoration idea doesn't have to be complicated or even expensive. Some of the best decorations for weddings and Christmas are cheap, and even handmade. The best Christmas decoration for your wedding may be something that incorporates a bit of a wedding look with traditions Christmas decorations.

One really great Christmas wedding decoration idea is to buy wreaths of any size and then attach wedding related items to them. You can buy little wedding dresses, a ball and chain, wedding rings, wedding cakes, and any others you might like. When you affix these miniature items onto a wreath it makes for a unique Christmas wedding decoration that you can hang just about anywhere. These wreaths are idea for doors, altar areas, or even to replace pew bows.

If you are looking for a cost effective Christmas wedding decoration idea garland is really going to be your best friend. Because you can get garland in a variety of looks, colors, and materials you're sure to find a type that suits your taste. Garland can be used to decorate the altar, guest book tables, reception tables and head tables; used to line the aisle at the church, and just about anywhere that needs a little bit of decoration. While garland is a Christmas decoration, it really is an effective way to decorate for just about any holiday or event!

Another great Christmas wedding decoration idea is to use stockings! Stockings in just about any color can be stuffed with tulle coming out the top and hung on the edges of tablecloths, chairs, walls, doors, and pews. This is a cute mix of classic Christmas decoration and classic wedding decoration. This is another low priced Christmas wedding decoration idea, too!

The use of candles is always a Christmas wedding decoration idea. A variety of candles can be set up on reception tables. If they are different heights you can really create an expensive looking centerpiece in very little time with a small amount of money. Sprinkling Christmas confetti around the base of the candles, wrapping garland, or placing holly leaves on the table with them will create a beautiful decoration.

Another great Christmas wedding decoration idea is to have ice sculptures. This is a bit expensive, but is always impressive. Have an ice sculpture of Santa Clause, his sleigh, or Frosty take center stage at your reception. Guests are sure to be in awe of such a great decoration and another great matching of traditional wedding and Christmas decorating ideas.

As you can see, you can find a balance between wedding and Christmas and come up with some great Christmas wedding decoration ideas. Think outside the box, or think traditional and put a little twist on it! Most importantly, have fun with your Christmas wedding because it isn't supposed to be anything but fun!


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