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In The Land of Our Dreams - A Poem

Updated on September 28, 2014
Rab Island, Croatia
Rab Island, Croatia | Source
Rab Island Croatia
Rab Island Croatia | Source
The Afternoon Sun - Lake Thun, Switzerland
The Afternoon Sun - Lake Thun, Switzerland | Source
The Afternoon Sun - Lake Thun, Switzerland
The Afternoon Sun - Lake Thun, Switzerland | Source
The Sunrise - Lago Maggiore, Italy
The Sunrise - Lago Maggiore, Italy | Source

In The Land of Dreams

The sun begins to sleep

Deep in the horizon.

The bright sky meets the darkness

The night time comes.

The moonlight beams through

The wide glas door near my bed

Between the thick night curtains.

I lay down in my broad bed

Feeling the softness of my satin pyjama

Pulling my warm blanket over my body

Cuddling my pillow.

I look at the dark sky

Wondering the tiny twinkling stars

Sparkling like glittering diamonds.

As i feel my heavy tired eyes

My long lashes tighten

Closing my eyes.

My thoughts in journey

In the land of dreams.

On the lakeside

I sit down beneath the tree.

Green leaves dancing with the wind

Shade protects my skin

Sunrays penetrating through the branches.

I laid the blanket on the grass

I lie down with my white dress

Hands under my head

I wait until you come.

As you bow your head

Watch your beautiful smile

Your hand brushing my soft long hair

As you whisper " My Love"

Hear you say " I MIss You "

Words on your lips " I Love You "

As you kiss me so gently

Feel your body over me.

As you lie down beside me

Looking through your blue eyes

You say... as i adore your curving strong lips

In The Land of Dreams

i can see you,

i can talk to you,

I can touch you

I can hold you the whole day long

I can be with you the whole night long

I could meet you in any beautiful places

I could be with you in any romantic places

You and I in these wonderful places

Be with you in any corner of the earth

Be with you any time i wish.

In your favorite hide away

Walking along the seashore.

In The Land of Dreams

Everything is possible

Just close my eyes to be with you

In every night sleeping with you

In every morning waking up with you

When the dawn comes

Wrap you in my arms

As the sun beams through the curtains.


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    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 5 years ago from Switzerland

      Thanks for visiting always exploring! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Beautiful poetry. Dreams are wonderful..Thank you..