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Does Index Finger Longer Than Ring Finger Means Gay?

Updated on May 15, 2013
Knowing your personality and health from the length of your fingers
Knowing your personality and health from the length of your fingers

Your fingers (especially the index and ring finger) may tell whether you are homosexual or straight. They can also reveal whether you are a passive or an aggressive person, and whether you are talented writer, scientist or musician.

Most straight men have shorter index finger (compared to the ring finger) whereas the index finger of most straight women are about the same length (or index longer). Lesbians and gay men tend to have reversed ratios (especially when applied to the right hand). In other words, a long index finger means more feminine hand whereas short index finger means more masculine hand.

A California study looking at the fingers of 720 women and men from Sanfransisco reported that women who are lesbians tended to have more masculine (short index, long ring) finger arrangement. Scientists there found that women who are lesbians have a greater difference in length between their index finger and ring finger than straight women do.

Longer ring finger indicates more testosterone as a fetus and more likely to be aggressive and hyperactive. On the other hand, longer index finger means more estrogen and therefore make you more sensitive and neurotic. The higher the testosterone then the greater the length of our ring finger and the more “masculine” the person will be – whether male or female.

The length of your index finger and ring finger can tell about your sexuality
The length of your index finger and ring finger can tell about your sexuality

According to the study, men with longer ring fingers (than their index fingers) are also more likely to develop prostate cancer. However, dont worry too much because the majority of men have a shorter index finger. They also believe that men who have longer ring fingers tend to be more fertile. But it’s the other way round for women.

Cambridge researchers told that City traders with longer ring fingers earned more money compared to their short ring-fingered collegues. These people are also more aggressive, creative and more likely to take risks.

It was reported that children with longer ring fingers (often to be boys) are better with number-based subjects such as physics and maths whereas longer index fingers indicate good verbal and literacy skills (where girls dominate). People who have short index fingers make better soldiers, speculators, engineers and chess players, and they are also better at solving problems such as crosswords. But these people are more likely to be left handed.

In women, a long index finger indicates a higher risk of breast cancer and greater fertility. In men, it correlates strongly with a lower risk of early heart disease. People with relatively long index fingers are said to be more likely to suffer from allergies, eczema, schizophrenia and hay fever.

How to Measure Your Finger

Straighten your fingers and look at the palm of your hand. At the base of your ring and index fingers there are creases. Your index finger is likely to have one crease, the ring finger a band of creases. Select the crease closest to the palm and choose a point on the crease midway across the base of the finger. Mark it with a pen. Measure from the mark to the tip of the finger.


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