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Indian marriages | Find life partner in India

Updated on April 5, 2012

I spent 21 years in India and worked closely with Indian families. In this article, I would like to share with you the unique Indian way of finding life partners. India is a huge country and the culture also varies from place to place. Indian culture that you see along the Chinese border is not the same as along the cost of Arabian sea. It also varies a lot from south (Dravidian) and the north (Aryans). However, there are several common aspects of marriage that you see throughout India, irrespective of religion or the place in India where you come from. I would like to share with you how a typical Indian life partner search and wedding for south Indian (Kerala) catholic women (yes! you read it right. There were Catholics in India for the last 2000 years) looks like:

As you all know, most of the Indian marriages are 'fixed'. 'Fixed' doesn't mean parents find someone and girls are forced to marry that person. (At least for Kerala catholic women, it is quite rare; probably it might be happening in the poorest parts of India and this trend is definitely decreasing.) After reading the whole article you will understand what it means to be a 'fixed' marriage or an arranged marriage.

Typical marriage age for a Kerala Catholic woman is between 21 and 25 years. After 25, it is harder to get men and if the marriage is not finalized by 25 years, parents and siblings will somehow force the girl to decide. This has been the culture.

Girl is around 20- 21 years

This is the time people are either in the final year of bachelors degree or has graduated with bachelors degree. Before the wide spread use of internet, parents advertise the profile of girl in news papers. There will be special section in news paper for matrimonial. A typical advertisement will look like :

Girl, 22 years, fair, slim, god fearing roman catholic with BSc in Physics searching for a groom from an aristocratic family, preferably with BSc/B.Tech or with post graduate degree.

After the spread of internet and IT boom in India, groom advertisements are no more in newspapers but in websites

Here are few catholic matrimonial websites (just in case u like to search :-))

I forgot to mention, it is parents or siblings who will be posting the advertisements and the girl will be having only some vague idea how the search is going on. She will be informed that parents are searching for the groom.

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