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Indian Wedding Accessories to Make the Bride Look Perfect

Updated on December 23, 2014

blue bridal lehenga


Accessories for the perfect wedding

Brides are always demanding when talking about their wedding. It must be beautiful, memorable, awesome and obviously better than everyone else’s wedding. The B-Day represents the main turning point in which bride and groom leave their families and start a new life together, creating a new family and building a new house, thus throwing them into a mature world in which they start moving with their own legs.

So why Indian brides shouldn’t pretend the best for the most important day of their life?

Everything must be perfect: the place, the dress, the food and finally the accessories.

Indian wedding accessories indeed are generally considered the last choice that must been made regarding the bridal outfit, but the truth is instead that they are the most important decision that must be undertaken. Their main task is to complete bridal outfit and make them outstand from the crowd.

Maybe the dress is the first thing that will be notice by every guest, but the accessories will make the difference between a simple bride and an extraordinary one.

Indian wedding accessories include a wide range of products: necklaces, earrings, bangles, nose earrings, toe rings, hair jewellery, purse, make-up and shoes!

Every piece has its own tradition and its own story behind it. The bangles for example are donated generally by the mother-in-law to the bride as a symbol of welcome. Another example is the nose earring, also called nath, that anciently meant virginity.

Gold cuff


All the items have infinitive variations. Starting from the jewelleries’ sets that can be made in gold, diamond, rubies, silver and so on, finishing with the clutches that differ between each other in shape, material and colour.

Indian wedding accessories must be combined really well between each other and also with the bridal dress in order to achieve the maximum result.

Talking about jewellery for example the most traditional choice is the gold material, while a modern bride instead will opt for white gold or silver according to her possibilities. It will depend also by the colour of her dress obviously.

Moreover earrings, necklace and bangles must be coordinated with the hair outfit you will choose and the shoes and clutch also!

So first of all be sure that your hair jewelleries are in line with the hair style you want for the B-day, secondly the clutch must reprehend the style of the dress, so if it is embellished with silver for example make sure to do not wear a gold clutch on your wedding.

Bridal Silver Clutch


Finally one of the most important features: the shoes. They are important indeed not just because they have to be beautiful and perfect with your outfit, but most of all because they have to be comfortable. Putting on shoes that will hurt your feet or discourage you from dancing on your wedding day, will not be beneficial for anyone, especially the bride!

IIJW 2014- A wedding showcase


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