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Individuality In Today's World

Updated on April 11, 2012

Individuality is an aspect of our personalities that we all strive towards. We want to be our own person, choose our style of clothes, have a favorite color, hair style, music, books and beliefs. Those individuals who reach beyond the normal realm may be a little more extreme with multi colored hair, body piercings, tattoo's, listen to screamer music and wear odd forms of clothes. Members of our society frown on these individuals choices even to the point of being pregidous.

We live in a world that frowns on what they don't understand or agree with. Walking into any function creates a stir and the majority of those attending form a judgement based on anything from your hair style to the style of shoes you're wearing. When visiting family members or friends we nonchalantly look at their surroundings either seething with envy at their beautiful home or thinking critically about their decor, lack organizational skills and color scheme choice. We always believe that we would have better taste.

In some cases we form opinions and make derogatory remarks about situations we know nothing about reacting to what we were told. When someone speaks of another person before you've actually met them in your mind you've heard projected an image regarding the kind of person you believe them to be.

Viewing pictures gives us a visual idea of what transpired when these were taken and we conjourup our version of what was happening. Look at the boots she's wearing, bet she bought those at hookers or us, did he find that tie in someone's trash can, she has on more make up than I sold in Avon last year, her daughter's face it dirty didn't she wash her up before they came, I've overheard comments like that and find them very frustrating. Instead of looking inward and worrying about how they come across they choose to find fault in everyone and everything. I once mentioned this irritating pet peeve to a counselor who explained that if someone isn't happy in their own existence they lash out with rude, negative comments because it is easier for them to project their misery onto someone else.

My best friend has multiple tattoo's and body piercings that people make comments about because they are pregidous towards tattoo's and body piercings.Comments were made because I allowed my daughter's to have pink, green, purple and blue hair. Letting my daughter's express their individuality in that manner was a consequences choice I made as their parent. I want my daughter's to be their own person, express who they are in ways that make them comfortable with themselves and their lives. If they select an avenue that I believe is detrimental to their health and well being I've stepped in taking those choices away from them only because they were hazardous to their health. My youngest daughter is addicted to makeup especially eye shadows, she combines two or three colors together creating very attractive eyes. She's been approved multiple times by strangers telling her how beautiful her eyes were and complimenting her artistic ability to combine the different shades. Yet she's also had people tell her that her eyes are beautiful without eye shadow. I agree that my daughter has beautiful eyes though I would never discourage her from wearing the eye shadow or any make up for that matter.

For those of you who ponder and fret over what others may think, cast those thoughts aside and be who you are. Because you are special, your individuality is a gift that should be cherished and encouraged. Dare to be different!


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    • pagesvoice profile image

      Dennis L. Page 5 years ago from New York/Pennsylvania border

      Great article and voted up. What a boring world we would live in if we were all the same. Acceptance of others is hard for some people because of their, "my way or the highway" approach to life. Unfortunately for them, they will never know what it is like to explore different styles and tastes.