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Updated on March 15, 2011

Reluctant to accept



By Raquel L. Pierson


Reluctant to change

Or fearful of it…

Reluctance is fear

Disguised as denial-

Denial’s disguised

To the one in denial.

Everyone else seems

To see what you can’t,

Everyone that is, but you.

Deny you’re afraid,

Deny you can see,

Afraid to accept

What’s destined to be.

Say you know

Or say you don’t-

But once you do,

You either will

Or you won’t-

Accept the truth,

Embrace the change,

Reluctant or not

Change has come.

Whether or not

You knew it then,

You know it now,

Even if you were

And are, the last one

To know,

Last one to see…

Either you’re blind

Or pretending to be.

You cannot know

What you do not know.

You can’t disguise denial

If you cannot see to see-

But once you can


That change

Has come

Reluctant or not.

Denial disguised

Afraid nothing

Can prevent

The pain

  The change-


Ever gonna

Be the same

Change is


You see.


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