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Inexpensive Champagnes and Wines for Weddings

Updated on May 24, 2013
Celebratory Champagnes & Wines for the Cost Conscious Couple
Celebratory Champagnes & Wines for the Cost Conscious Couple | Source

Cheap Weddings Can Afford Champagne on A Wine Budget

Need a bubbly that won't bust your budget?

Of course you do!

Who doesn't want to reduce their wedding expenses without looking like a cheapskate?

Keep reading and I'll show you how to buy inexpensive champagne on a beer budget without sacrificing taste and quality.

The First Toast Doesn't Have to Be A Disappointment

Let's face it; weddings are expensive.

From paying for wedding gowns, photographers, renting a venue and planning that perfect honeymoon.

You'll have to cough up a lot of bucks if you want to please everybody.

  • The bride gets the wedding she has dreamed about since she was a little girl.
  • The broom gets the bride.
  • The bride's parents gets to give their daughter away.
  • The broom's parents get a daughter-in-law.

And the best man, well he gets to give the first toast and he's really looking forward to it too.

There is a lot of hoopla around the first toast.

The best man has waited for this moment all of his life and you don't want to disappoint the best man.

So the rule of thumb for savers that don't want to look like cheapskates is to buy the best champagne and wine for the wedding party and give the guest the inexpensive libation.

That might sound cruel and crude, but if you want save a few bucks you'll have to cut back and not cave into the pressure to do what the Joneses do.

Ah, but you were thinking about not serving champagne at all?


You're getting married.

Marriages are celebrations.

And celebrations call for champagne.

Remember I told you that I would tell you how to serve quality champagne at your wedding without busting your budget?

Well read on.

Inexpensive Champagnes for Cheapskates That Don't Want to Look Like Cheapskates

Well if you are really a cheapskate like a lot of us or just want to save like one then read below because you've hit pay dirt.

These wines don't scrimp on taste or quality but are big on saving you money so you can have more money to spend on your honeymoon. So if your tastes is crisp and dry or fruity and sweet these inexpensive wedding champagnes will please your pocket and delight the palate of your wedding guests.

Inexpensive Champagnes that Boast Flavor & Priced Below $50

Roederer Estate Brut

This Brut is a wedding guest favorite. Priced under $25 at most retail locations in the US, it is popular for its lightly fruity and elegant taste. Your guest will enjoy the depth of Roederer flavor while you enjoy the savings.

Gruet Blanc de Noirs

Reap the harvest and save with Gruet Blanc de Noirs. This low price charm is coupled with elegant sophistication and bold flavor. Generally priced below $20 this champagne delivers a powerful punch for large weddings.

Brut Souverain

Yes, elegance can be affordable. This elegant delight is priced below $45.00 a bottle. Your guest's will sip double the flavor without doubling your cost. Wine enthusiasts call it sharp and well balance. Well, it should be because it's perfectly blended with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Pair it with Red Tuna and you are definitely on to something good that your guest will talk about long after the nuptials.

Buy Cheap Champagne At Select Merchants & Save

Wondering where to find these deals?

Wonder no more, but remember this to really save money buy sparking Champagnes or Brut.

Remember these tips and you'll just might rack up savings for an extra honeymoon night.

  • Buy in bulk not by the bottle
  • A case might be cheaper than bulk so consider it
  • Shop at wholesale versus retail
  • Check Sam's Club and Costco.. you never know sometimes they have deals on fine wines
  • Try before you buy, don't make a bad buy purchasing champagne that you can't stomach
  • Purchasing champagne online may be fine, but read the fine print. Check for shipping, look for guarantees (delivery, quality, etc), read consumer review sites and call the online retailer before making a purchase. If you don't feel good about the merchant it's probably not a good idea to make a purchase.
  • Finally remember ...reap the rewards of your savings, reserve the good stuff for your wedding party and give your guests the less expensive but high quality bubbly.

I hope by now you are bubbling over with joy because you can afford Bubbly at your wedding reception.

What an absolutely fabulous way to start a lifetime of wedded bliss!

If you agree, leave a comment below and together we can toast to that.


Learn Tips on How to Taste Inexpensive Sparkling Wines for Your Wedding

More Bubbly That Won't Break The Bank


Thought you couldn't afford champagne with your wedding budget? Well these final inexpensive champagnes might knock your socks off. I hope you are wearing shoes, your party shoes to be exact because you'll celebrate when you see the prices of these champagnes.

Veuve Cliquot Brut Yellow Label

Veuve Cliquot brands are highly applauded in all regions of the world.

Why wouldn't it be?

After all Philippe Clicquot-Muiron is hailed as the Father of Modern Champagne. He founded his champagne house in Reims France over 240 years ago.

Brut Yellow Label is a premium brand but unlike many of their brands it's not premium priced. You can purchase this highly acclaimed champagne for under $45 a bottle in the US.

Tattinger Brut LaFrancaise

This inexpensive Brut is simply elegant in a romantic setting. Touting a romantic blend comprised of up to 30 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards it's sure to dim the light and set the stage of romance and celebration. It really is served best when the wedding reception is small and close, but large wedding receptions will be just as thrilled with this tasty Brut. For only $40 a bottle how can you go wrong?

In California? Visit Shenandoah Valley. The home of the Zinfandel wine.

A marker12300 Steiner Road Plymouth, CA 95669 -
12300 Steiner Road, Plymouth, CA 95669, USA
get directions

The popular Sutter Home Winery bottles their Zinfandel wines in this region.


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    • livelifeworryfree profile image

      Princess Clark 5 years ago from The DMV

      There's nothing like a good bubbly to make you bubbly! Thanks for your comment!

    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago from Camas, WA

      Thanks for this hub! I am very champagne and wine challenged but now I am confident I can find a good inexpensive one! Voted up and useful!