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Inexpensive Favors for a Music Themed Wedding

Updated on May 2, 2011

Love music? Show it in your wedding theme!

Music themed weddings are very popular among couples who play in a band, play a musical instrument or simply just enjoy a variety of music. A wedding with a music theme is fun and exciting both in the planning as well as the event. When planning a themed wedding it will become more focused on the theme if all aspects of the wedding tie in to your core concept, from the invitations to the reception to your wedding guest favors. 

Incorporate the music theme into your wedding details

The wedding and reception can be centered around one type of music or several different kinds incorporated together. For example, if you prefer country and western music, but also enjoy the occasional orchestra, you could base the wedding around the orchestra music and the reception around a country and western music theme.

The invitations could be simple yet elegant with a white background and a black music note on the front or inside cover. The colors of the wedding could be black and white with a touch of red to make everything pop. The music in the background could be soft orchestra music until you get to the main wedding reception, where the band will play country and western music. Place seating cards could be coordinated with the wedding invitations and could include card holders such as those shaped like music notes, pianos, music stands or violins.


Musical Wedding Favor Ideas

When you have a theme in mind for the wedding, picking out the wedding favors is much easier. Music themed favors are easy to customize to your personal preferences and there are several choices available, including:

Personalized Wedding CD’s - Create your own CD’s to include a mixture of the music played for the ceremony and the reception. You could also purchase a CD by an artist that plays the type of music used for the event, place it in a pretty CD case and stick on a personalized CD label.

Music theme wine bottle stoppers are inexpensive and elegant wedding favors that would be perfect for a wedding with a music theme. The stopper is an elegant design with a silver and black rubber base and comes with different musical notes each in a chrome silver.

Do you or your significant other “read” music? If so an elegant and very inexpensive gift to give the guests are musical themed bookmark favors. They will be a subtle gift to remind the guests of the wedding couple each time they read a book and use bookmark favor.

How about giving your guests a stunning black and rhinestone musical note key chain with ring? They are not only stunning in design by typically come pre-wrapped in a clear, decorative package. Key chains are inexpensive favors your guests will use on a regular basis.

Votive candle holders with a musical note design on them are also elegant and have a romantic touch that guests always enjoy.


Double Duty Favor - Music Theme Place Card Holders

For a unique table decoration, order the seating card holders in different musical instruments and have each table be a “part of the orchestra” by putting all violins on one table, pianos on another and horns on another. This is an easy way to incorporate inexpensive wedding favors into a music themed wedding and reception.

Need more wedding favor ideas? Check out this video

Tell us your ideas for throwing a music themed wedding!

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