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Inexpensive Perfect Gift Ideas

Updated on April 30, 2013

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

I saw this first idea on pinterest

It is called a hot cocoa cone. I personally would love if someone got me this. This gift is more for those who have a creative side because you have to make it yourself.


The next gift idea is also from pinterest:

This idea I will name Candy Container Galore. I would also love if someone got me this, and I don't even really eat candy that much. But it is the thought that counts!


This gift is called a travel scratch map. It is perfect if the person you are shopping for loves to travel.


More Gift Ideas

1. Farmers markets are still loaded with produce. It is a great time to be buying there. This is great gift idea because it can really stretch the budget of your household. Try Home-canning.

2. If you love to bake, why not give baked goods as a gift? Holiday baked goods can be an even better gift idea. Think pumpkin pie, cookies, cakes, breads, etc.

3. Framed Children Artwork

4. Collage of Photos or a Scrapbook

5. Make-up tote with a mirror

6. Books: you can find many for under $10.

7. Handwritten favorite recipes

8. Blank CDs. You can make them to suit whoever you are buying for.

9. Nice Socks. Expensive ones are still under $10.

10. Home baked cookies.

11. Pick Punch. If whoever you are buying for plays guitar.

12. Painting or Photography in a nice picture frame.

13. Hats, mittens, or scarves.

14. A makeup bag

15. A six pack of a specialty beer.

16. A $50 Savings Bonds (which you can actually get for $25)

17. Funny, cool shot glasses.

18. Wallet (with your photo in it)

19. A cool Key chain or necklace

20. Seashell Candles

21. Pen/Pencil Caddy for someone's office.

22. Party games

23. Fifty Shades of Chicken

24. Bear Grylls Survival Kit

26. Flowers - of course, you should find out their favorite somehow.

27. Homemade Alcohol

28. A Ready-to-go meal

29. Chocolate spoons or chocolate-dipped pretzels

30. Gift certificate

31. Grocery Bag Holder

32. A hobby supply

33. Cool Drink Coasters - or you could make some yourself.

34. Gourmet Chocolate

35. Shaving Brush

36. Hand-crank lantern

37. Digital Tire Gauge

38. A Belt

39. Ice-Cream Maker

40. Tool-Kit

41. Gardening Tools

42. Slippers

43. Pajamas

44. Bow-Ties

45. Music

46. Graphic Tees (zazzle or

47. Spa Day

48. Magazine Subscription

49. Hygiene Items

50. Netflix or Hulu Plus

51. Write love letters

52. Relaxing massages for two

53. Learn to dance together

54. Give each other three wishes

55. Car interior surprise decoration

56. "Red Carpet Welcome"

57. Prescription for love (use red hots)

58. Personalized Message in a Bottle

59. Dirty Darts Game

60. Infinity Silver Necklace

61. Hershey Kisses Heart Necklace

62. Key to my Heart Pendant

63. Love Letter Locket

For Deployment

1. Personalized Photo Pillowcase

2. Lovebook of memories

3. Photo Dog Tags

4. Engraved Silver Pocket Watch

5. Military Wife Ingredients Shirt

6. Wish Stone

7. Personalized Playing Cards

8. Powerbars

9. Dual time zone watch

10. Christmas Stocking

The process of gift buying

There are so many places you can find inexpensive gift ideas. I personally can use google for pretty much everything. I think the ideas I've listed above provide a great start. If you need help finding more, don't hesitate to ask. I also think pinterest is a great site to check out, as well as uncommon goods.

The old "it is the thought that counts," saying really does apply to gift buying. Most people do not realize that money cannot buy happiness. Gifts that are from the heart are usually that much better because it shows you truly care. If someone just loves all your gifts because of their price tag...then they probably don't really love you. It should be taken as a hint. The process of buying gifts from people should come from what you know about them. It should not come from what is popular or what has a high price tag because that shows you don't really care about the person. It also shows you have no intention of getting to know them. It more or less shows that you think the money in your pocket can make up for that. That is selfish.

Of course, you could just ignore what I have to say. I am by no means suggesting that you should stop living the way you choose. I am only trying to help you understand that happiness is not a destination, and you should apply that wisdom to everything.

Gift ideas

Do you want more gift ideas?!

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    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 4 years ago from United States

      These are great, inexpensive gift ideas for both men and women and works well for any occasion. Thanks.