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“Inferiority” a determinant of our lives….why?

Updated on June 29, 2015

People fall in love in the most unpredictable moments, and the majority of those moments we tend to be unable to love or give back. This makes people believe that the person whose sole purpose is to help you stand on your two feet again; is way too good for us. Believing so, instead of living the moment and do what really makes us happy, we tend to isolate those feelings. We are drowning in a tornado of thoughts and feelings of inferiority, the same way a boat sinks in the middle of a hurricane.

If life taught me one single rule to live by, is that no one is better than any other. On the other hand, we have all been through moments when we desperately needed someone to give us their hand and pull us higher; or simply slap us and wake us up. Being helped by someone, doesn’t make us inferiors, it makes us humans. When this opportunity comes by we have two options. Either we will let it go by and continue our lives pretending that everything is fine. Or; we can grasp that opportunity, make the circumstances right one way or another and take our chances.

Circumstances are never in favour of change. Neither is the human stubbornness, but human will is. When it comes to love, people should stop playing games, and simply try to communicate. Something that we all struggle to do, in such a fast-paced world. We lost the meaning of communication. Whether or not you know someone for years, you may not really know who he / she is. "Good morning" lost its meaning and became a simple phrase.

All these “civilised” innovations of this century, assisted in having relationships that have no future simply because people are scared to be with someone better as they may feel inferior. This is controversial to what I said before about no one being better than others. Well, I still believe that, yet; is the connection that is better. People as individuals may seem strong but teams are always better. Being with the right person can make you stronger. This is widely known, unfortunately people are scared of such connection. We are afraid of depending on others even if it makes us happy, stronger and fulfilled.

Despite that, it is a risk that people should take more often. It may not end as a fairy-tale. Most probably you will get hurt once, twice or even a hundred times. All the times you will get devastated and regret trusting a person, will only make the time that it will work out so many times better.

If I am to listen to my grandfather, who has taken the form of my inner voice, people are to take that risk. When it comes to love; personal image, prestige and fear should be left aside. Take the risk that will make you happy, even for a moment. Never regret it, just live it and if it ends, don’t cry for it; don’t change who you are; just fight to make a better memory that will shade that one of.


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