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Is My Husband Cheating?

Updated on August 12, 2012

Do you suspect infidelity in your marriage? Do you suspect you have a cheating boyfriend or cheating husband? Have you considered hiring a private investigator? If so, here are some helful tricks to help you catch your cheating husbands in the act.

Instead of hiring a private investigator to monitor your cheating husbands infidelity, which can be very expensive, try using your own resources and looking for tell tale signs to get down to the truth. It is never easy to cope with the fact that your spouse or partner is cheating, but if you suspect something is going on, you need to take action agains your cheating husbands actions and infidelity. Why stay in a relationship when all you are doing is allowing yourself to be hurt?

Use a GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Devices can be purchased at most electronic store and can be placed in your cheating husbands car, in the trunk, under the seat or inside a pillow. Make sure you can still access it to charge the battery.

Use Cell Phone Spy Software

These apps can be downloaded and run in the background of your cheating husbands phone without them even noticing it is there.

  • Mobile Spy
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Tracking Solutions
  • Invisible Spy
  • InstaMapper
  • WhereAreYou
  • Track & Protect

Ask for a Friends Help

Friends can be very helpful in cases of infidelity. Have your friends keep an eye on your cheating husband/spouse. You would be surprised how another set of eyes can make things so much clearer.

Try to Catch Him in a Lie

When you suspect infidelity, ask probing questions that will trick your partner into giving up a location. You will be surprised as to how easy it is to get someone to slip up when they are calm and relaxed. Never do this while arguing because the cheater is already very defensive.


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