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Infidelity: Why women have affairs

Updated on November 8, 2015
Women have as many reasons to cheat as men do.
Women have as many reasons to cheat as men do. | Source

Women have caught up with men in many spheres of life – including infidelity. No longer can cheating be associated with the majority of men and a few “bad” women. Indeed, it has no gender boundaries as more women engage in the behaviour.

Naturally, cheating has become easier for women since they are more socially active and there are far more opportunities. Still, opportunity is only one of many reasons that women cheat. There may be several reasons, but the most common are listed below.

Emotional gratification

When a woman is not getting her emotional needs satisfied, it leads to problems in other areas – usually the bedroom first. If she is not feeling the love over a long period, then elsewhere suddenly becomes a good option. Another common emotional need that might not be fulfilled is the need for a positive self-image. Fellas who don’t make their wives feel confident, assured and attractive – or those who do the exact opposite – are great candidates for being cheated on

Sex issues in the relationship

It is normal for passion to boil down as time goes on. However, when it evaporates like funds in the Treasury, things get persistently boring in the bedroom. Men are not the only beings who enjoy adventure and thrills; several women do as well. Even women who are otherwise satisfied in their relationship may be tempted to feel the zing that they haven’t felt in years. If a woman does not get what she wants as regularly as she wants, she may be tempted to satisfy her needs elsewhere.

Seduce Me! Why Men and Women Cheat
Seduce Me! Why Men and Women Cheat

"Why do men and women cheat? The new volume in the Seduce Me! series is a bold look at why some people become involved in sexual infidelity. "Seduce Me! Why Men and Women Cheat," goes further by looking at the travesties of sexual indiscretion upon the institution of marriage.


Dissatisfaction with the relationship

Ok, if the relationship sucks in any way, women might just become unsatisfied with it on a whole. The dissatisfaction could stem from a lack of intimacy; being neglected or underappreciated; emotional withdrawal on the part of the man; or critical communication problems. An unsatisfying relationship would not seem like much to lose anyway. The devil in us might think, “Why not cheat?”


More often than not, a woman is more likely to seek outside assistance if her man cheated on her already. For many good reasons, she’d be furious and looking to strike back when the opportunity arises. Revenge cheaters usually want their partners to feel how they felt, and tit-for-tat is usually an effective method.

An alternative to breaking up

It might seem easy to walk away from a relationship, but sometimes it’s easier to cheat than to face the immediate consequences of breaking up. Usually, this happens when a relationship is just dragging on and the mojo – and nearly everything else – has long gone.


Some ladies are just more open to cheating than others. To them, it’s merely a question of opportunity and getting caught. How many women would cheat if they had the opportunity? There are a few women who (like their male counterparts) do not view infidelity as off-limits. If a woman does not believe that she can be truly happy and satisfied with one man, don’t be surprised if she’s a cheater. To expect anything else would be like expecting pears from an apple tree.


Just as men have many reasons for horning, women have several. While there is some overlap between the motives of either sex, there are some subtle differences. However, if a woman has several reasons to cheat, unfaithfulness is almost guaranteed.


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  • kenneth avery profile image

    Kenneth Avery 

    7 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

    SpiffyD, GREAT hub. Voted up, useful, awesome and interesting. You bring out great points here and I will pass these along to a few friends for guidance if you are okay with that. I am a fan and humble follower. Great writing.

  • SpiffyD profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from The Caribbean

    Thanks Sun-Girl. I look forward to reading some of your hubs - you have some interesting ones there.

  • Sun-Girl profile image


    7 years ago from Nigeria

    Interesting and well shared article which i really learnt form. Thanks for sharing.

  • SpiffyD profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from The Caribbean

    Thanks mist. This was the Part 2 article actually, but I added the link since you mentioned it. Thanks

  • The black mist profile image

    The black mist 

    7 years ago from united states

    i think you should do a part 2 on why men have affairs

  • SpiffyD profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from The Caribbean

    Interesting point nycgurl. It would be interesting to see if women have far more resistance to cheating compared to men. I think many persons would say "yes," but if that's the case, it'd be interesting to pinpoint all the possible reasons for that.

  • nycgrl profile image


    7 years ago from New York

    I agree and have always been of the mindset that if a women cheats its for a damn good reason where sometimes a man could just cheat because he feels like it. Sure there are some exceptions but it really does take a LOT for a woman to decide to cheat. Great hub, voted up!


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