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Inside a Beautiful Woman is a Little Girl

Updated on May 24, 2013

Inside Every Woman is a Little Girl

There is a Bit of Little Girl in Every Women

There is a Bit of Little Girl in Every Women

Dolls; and real life babies of course, that sweet smell of baby powder, and cute clothes, don’t let them tell you different it does delve back into being a little girl playing with dolls. Every little girl had a favorite doll or stuffed animal and there is some correlation to life caring for a baby as an adult. Some of our favorite colors are linked to our childhood. I don’t have any children but when having a friend over with their baby that old childhood memory comes back to me.

Tea Party; Pretty little tea sets as a child was always fun for me being the only child for ten years and having a menagerie of dolls to place around the little table and chairs. Although a little bit of the tomboy always settles in when we play with other children of the opposite sex, like putting the table and chairs in the sandbox, and run trucks around the table making roads. To this day I like tea sets and serving tea to my guests and no I am not British, but yes I know where that like comes from.

Clothes; what man can say a woman doesn’t like clothes, shopping, dressing up, and showing off their favorite outfit. It doesn’t matter if they are girlie in taste, or outdoor fashion we all love to do it. Be it frills or denim clothes it is fun to shop for and yes most men hate shopping, ever wonder why?. I imagine a little boy being dragged through a huge department store by his mom, hiding under the fancy clothes display and being pulled out to watch the boring adventure of mom shopping. It has to be innate by the time he grows up. Luckily for our pocketbooks some of us like to window shop to calm the savage spender in us.

Playing House; We all have played house as children and it rolls right over to our adult lives. Only our adult lives become more of an intense game, more bills and more work than setting up a cardboard box in the backyard and playing house. What I do find amusing was the little boy next door that played with me always was enamored with my bossy ideas, and did everything I asked him to…hah…that didn’t seem to catch as an adult, but I find that amusing.

So if a man becomes delighted seeing that twinkle in your eyes years to come as an adult, that twinkle is saying there is a little girl in every woman.

© B. A. Williams


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