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Inside the mind of a psychopath

Updated on March 28, 2015

The Germanwings plane crash is a sad story. Everybody knows the pilot was mentally ill. But, still, we know only a little about mental illness. The medicines that are used to treat critical illnesses have no proof of erasing the symptoms completely. In fact, the effectiveness of medicines has to do a lot with the lifestyle of the patient. Practical Ethics pointed out that there is no good procedure to detect and treat psychopathic tendencies currently.

While it is very important to find out the psychopaths, we must first of all understand what kinds of thoughts run in the minds of the psychopaths, and why they take the extreme step.

Psychopaths don’t feel bad at all times. There are certain points of time when the negative feelings start flooding the mind. Most of such feelings often arise when the patient is stressed. It is important to understand that psychopaths have the attached factor of undisciplined lifestyle. Most psychopaths often don’t realize that their moods are affected by their lifestyle.

It is a fact that the psychopaths have an extreme feeling in their minds about something particular. They find something so disgusting that they want to get rid of that feeling at any cost. When they think about that feeling, they are often deeply buried in only one thought. The thought they think correct is often anti-social. And there lies the problem.

Psychopaths are often drowned in the feelings of non-achievement. They are naturally unable to cope with some fact. This can be a relationship or psychological issue, and most often than not, it is not correct. For instance, the psychopaths may think that their girlfriends or wives are cheating them all the time. They want to control this, which is just an idea in infancy, and they become so single-minded with the idea that they want to stop this from happening.

Death is not an ugly outcome for psychopaths. Many psychopaths do not try to realize that death is undesirable. For them, their motives and the outcomes of those motives are undesirable.

Now, psychopaths cannot be identified very easily. But there is a way. I think big data can really do wonders here. If you deeply follow a psychopath, his Facebook accounts, Instagram, Whatsapp and all other profiles, you can find out his hatred for some particular subjects. For example, a psychopath may often hate women. Their hatred may be so deep that they would comment very anti-socially. So, by taking help of big data, we can identify the hatred.

I think it is important we study mental health issues seriously. Many incidents of mass-murders have taken place and it is high time we put an end to such stories.

In the end, here is a good news. Psychopaths can become very good analysts if they use their condition in positive manner. They have so much concentration that they can find solutions of any problems when actively involved. But, for that they must be disciplined and ready to accept that they have a problem.

I think unchecked use of unsolicited content on the web is a problem. Hatred against women, communities start developing due to overuse. Porn for example can create an impression that women are cheats. And such thoughts can lead to a full-time hatred against the gender.

Fear of failure and inability to acquire what one deserves are also major reasons of frustrations.

We must seriously consider this aspect if we want to offer a ray of hope to the psychopaths. Criminal mentality is a disgusting disease, and we must take an active step to erase such problems.


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