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Inspirational Instagram Captions For Pictures

Updated on August 17, 2015
Inspirational Instagram Quotes
Inspirational Instagram Quotes

Inspirational Instagram Quotes

Are you looking for motivational and inspirational quotes for your Instagram pictures? Hope you will like to display these cute quotes about love, life and friendship on your stunning photos. Use these inspiring quotes as Instagram hashtags and boost up your number of followers and likes for your photos.

Inspirational quotes about Love & Life

  1. People are complacent, and stupid, and very comfortable in their meaningless life, and the scariest part is, that they don't want to educate themselves, or even do anything for anyone other than themselves.
  2. Face life with courage and say. "I will not fear, because greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world”.
  3. Life is a teacher and we are its students.
  4. I Love You but I can't fight anymore but, you were worth it I'm missing you but, I don't want to argue, I know your heart is breaking well so is mine, I feel lonely all the time, I feel lifeless and cold all the time the thing is I still love you.
  5. I appreciate every little thing you do for me! I cannot imagine my life without your unconditional love.
  6. Knowledge comes from learning. Experience comes from living. A life without problems is like a school without lessons. There is always a lesson to be learned and a lesson to be taught.
  7. Holding onto what someone did to you in the past will not stop it from happening again.
  8. Life will keep kicking you with the same lesson, not because you're unlucky, because it will keep teaching you until you learn.
  9. In life there will be friends that you will keep for a long time and some just come and go as they please, don't inhabit on the fake friends, focus on the ones that have been there for you and will remain to stay, through good and bad.
  10. True friends are the most fascinating species with never ending source of inspirations to breathe life into lifeless souls.
  11. Remember everything in life is a lesson to learn from no matter what it is either good or bad and its good to learn from as many people as you can.
  12. I wonder why new relationship can't be started too stuck on what your past relationships brought you.
  13. Never put off visiting someone that is on your heart and you really wanted to visit.
  14. My resolution right now is to cut the strings, tie the ends, and let it all go. Just breathe, move on and start a new life.
  15. You inspire me, your love drives me on no matter what is in front of me, and I work and strive everyday simply just to be able to in time have you in my arms.
  16. I am thankful for my friends whether they are genuine, fake, fair, best friends or everything in between because they have each in some way made an impact in my life. Some impacts were not the greatest but they gave me the opportunity to learn and grow from them and for that I am thankful.
  17. Every New special person in your life can be a blessing or a lesson.
  18. I am little tired and weary from these long walks but I wouldn't be me without these long talks.
  19. Tears roll down from my lifeless eyes as they dry on my frozen cheeks. My love goes away as you leave.
  20. You're my love, even with those sharp horns; everybody knows a rose always bears thorns.
  21. I learned that the world isn't going to end if I don't have a sparkling house. But thanks God; I have an awesome life, wonderful friends & family who accept me for me.
  22. Some problems can be solved by simply going for a walk & talking.
  23. No condition is permanent. Only death is permanent, but as far as you live there is hope. Just download the situations with prayers and wait for the new resolution.
  24. Don't judge people from Miami if they are cold when the temperature is 70 degrees.
  25. It is easier to be surrounded by positive love and support from family and friends and also helps to once it a while to reach out and help lift up even those we may not even know because in the end even if you don't realize it, it does matter to at least one person.
  26. If you want something, it doesn't matter if someone doesn't like it because the human mind will always find a reason to become blind.
  27. No matter where life takes us over the years we never forget our original roots and where we came from.
  28. People come in and out your life, friends come and go but a real true die hard friend that's there for you at your lowest of the low when nobody else in the world is there for you.
  29. To inspire someone to do better is the best gift ever!
  30. People fail to realize the essence of life, just because you are experiencing pain doesn't mean it’s the end, it just means there's something that has to change and a lesson that needs to be learned.

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    • profile image

      Liam Hogan 5 years ago

      A 19 year old girls Instagram bio said "If you want my friendship, buy me some Gucci" Lol. Thought that was funny.

    • profile image

      azlan777 5 years ago

      SOOpAH AgrEE..