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Inspiring and Moving On Songs After a Break Up

Updated on June 9, 2017

Break up isn’t a situation one can comfortable say it was a life-changing experience. It is one of the most hurtful situations of which words alone cannot articulately explain how painful it is. It is no wonder it has led to some committing suicide. Some hurts are bearable but hurts that touch on matters of love are a different story.

How can you heal from the hurt as a result of a break up, recover from the breakup and find the strength to move on? There are various techniques you can put into use to help you towards the healing and recovery process. One of the techniques is by listening to motivating, inspiring and challenging songs. It should not necessarily be love songs.

Below, I have listed songs together with their lyrical videos in the hope they will be of great help in your healing and recovering from the break up.

1. Hero (Mariah Carey)

You have to come to the realization if you don’t deal with the post-breakup it will hold you back. You have to learn to be strong by being determined not to let the hurt chain you up. Everyone is a hero. You might not know but a hero lies in you. When you think you can never get out of the break up, know you can get over the break up and move on nicely with your life.

Hero - Mariah Carey (Lyrics)

2. What Are You Waiting For? (Nickleback)

You are hurting. The pain is immeasurable you don’t know if you’ll ever get over it. You can if you do all it takes to heal from the ‘wound’ inflicted by your ex and to recover from the breakup. If you continue to mourn, feeling sorry for yourself and always thinking about your ex and the failed relationship; you’ll never recover from the breakup. Make up the decision not to let the breakup hold you as a prisoner.

3. I Can See Clearly (Jimmy Cliff)

Your eyes are veiled. All you see is darkness. It looks as if you will never heal from the hurt or ever recover from the breakup. You are worried if you will ever get another lover because your relationships always come to an end. Don’t lose hope. The post-breakup signs and symptoms will never last for long. You will get your true partner for life. Never lose hope.

Nickelback - What Are You Waiting For? (Lyric Video)

Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now

4. When You Believe (Whitney Houston Ft Mariah Carey)

Do you believe in miracles? If you don’t you have to begin believing they do happen. Broken hearts are usually mended and begin functioning again. People do recover from breakups. It is not the end of ever finding your true love no matter how many breakups you have undergone. Miracles have never ceased therefore you should never stop believing.

When you believe (Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston) - lyrics

5. Look At Me Now (Jessy)

You look not like a mess but a mess. You don’t take good care of yourself. You used to iron your clothes, you no longer do so. You seem not to be living like a zombie but a zombie itself. Nevertheless, if you purpose not to let the breakup hold you back then you will recover from it and truly live your life as you were meant to live it. Not surviving but living. Then, you can proudly say to yourself and your imaginary ex, “Look at me now, I’m stronger than before.” Why? “I have found the strength within myself to close the door…I turned the page on.”

6. How Do You Heal A Broken Heart (Chris Walker)

When a person is hurt as a result of a breakup, it feels like the heart is broken into tiny pieces. The pain is unbearable. It feels like you will never heal from the hurt. Can a broken heart be healed? How is it healed? It can be healed and there are different tactics you can use in order for it to be healed. Some of the techniques are forgiving your ex and not listening to sad love songs.

Tonight I’ll hold what could be right

Tomorrow I’ll pretend to

Wake and put it all behind me

And find that I know how to let go…

Look at me now

How Do You Heal a Broken Heart - Chris Walker

7. I’m Gonna Find Another You (John Mayer)

Don’t despise yourself. Don’t hate yourself. Love yourself. Be hopeful you will get another replacement of your ex. Every person has his/her own uniqueness. You will find another lover who will have his/her own uniqueness, some of which she/he might share with your ex and some of his/her own.

It’s really over, you made your stand

You got me crying, as was your plan

But when my loneliness is through, I’m gonna find another you

8. Golden (Ruth B)

A break up feels like your soul has been burned beyond recognition. It feels like you are coal – of no value, worthless and useless at best. Nonetheless, what you may not realize there are benefits derived from the breakup. One of them is you gain an inner strength which will help you stand tall when faced with hurtful situations.

And the fire you put me through turned me into gold

I’m not done, I’m no loser

Watch me take on my bright future

John Mayer- I'm Gonna Find Another You

Golden - Ruth B (Lyric Video)

9. According To You (Orianthi)

Some people end their relationships for reasons which don’t totally add up. His partner has all of a sudden become chubby, end of the relationship. She is no longer attractive, end of the relationship. But, don’t worry. You’ll get another man who will appreciate you. You’ll get another woman who will love you for who you are. What you lack in your personality will be compensated by your ‘next’ partner.

10. The Storm Is Over Now (R. Kelly)

You will recover from the breakup. You will heal from the hurt. It will not go on this way for long. The hurt won’t go on for long. You will soon forget your ex. Once again you will begin enjoying your life. Everything under the sun has its time. There is time for mourning and time for happiness.

Orianthi - According To You

R. Kelly - The Storm Is Over Now

11. Wasted (Carrie Underwood)

One of the things I’ll hate to admit is it feels like my ex wasted my time when she decided to end the relationship. Especially if you consider is for reasons which don’t make sense. In a relationship we invest a lot of time and energy to the point we forget other things in our individual lives that need to be done. Now, post-breakup, you are spending most of your time thinking about your ex. Why do you want to continue wasting your time thinking about the good times you shared with your ex and the failed relationship? Your life is still going on. It hasn’t come to a standstill. Do you want to continue wasting your time on the past?

I don’t wanna spend my life jaded

Waiting to wake up one day and find

That I’ve let all these years go by


Carrie Underwood - Wasted (lyrics)

12.Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)

This is a reggae song but it has a beautiful message. Don’t worry yourself to death. You will get another lover. You will get better in time. You aren’t useless. Your worries won’t help the situation become any better. What you should be concerned about is how to heal from the hurt and recover from the break up and move on.

Bob Marley Three little birds (Original)

A NOTE: Never let the break up dictate your life. Don’t drown in it.

Another glass of whiskey but it doesn’t still kill the pain

So he stumbles to the sink and pours it down the drain

He says it’s time to be a man and stop living

For yesterday

Gotta face it.


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