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Internet Romances

Updated on July 13, 2014
Dating Online? Don't Divulge Personal And Financial Details
Dating Online? Don't Divulge Personal And Financial Details | Source

Bored Lonely Housewives Prone to Internet Romance

An American friend of mine tells me that the guy she had met in a chat room on the net and fallen in love with turned out to be a pastor. But then she wasn’t exactly honest either. She confesses to have posted a picture of herself when she was younger, thinner and single. In reality she is a married middle-aged mom bored with her husband and her life.

“I guess we connected online because of his charm, witty banter, excellent flirtatious style and incredible articulation,” she says. The first time they stumbled across each other, he gave her a cyber handshake and offered her a virtual glass of wine. She chose Chardonnay. It took months and hours of online chatting (in a private room of course) to pour her heart out to him. They shared their childhood and their dreams and she got to know more about him (or thought she did) than she ever knew of anyone – her husband included. “Maybe I liked the thrill of being bad, maybe I was lonely,” she says.

After three months she thought she was falling in love with him and he too felt that way. They tried to break off the relationship several times without success. She even began going to a counselor in order to get rid of this addiction which could destroy her family life. That didn’t help either. More months went by and she still didn’t know his phone number and residential or office address, so in an attempt to get over him and hopefully catch him lying to her, she hired a private investigator at $75 an hour and told him the area he lived in and all she knew about him.

One week later the investigator called to say that although he couldn’t find his home, he had proof that the man was a pastor. All her ‘love’melted away instantly.

Internet Romance Can Be Addictive
Internet Romance Can Be Addictive | Source

Online Dating Can be Expensive

Liza, another married friend of mine had met someone online and whenever we would see each other, she would moan about how addicted she was getting to her online romance and what if her husband found out and how much of her time and money it was swallowing. She would break up our meetings to go chat with him. But she woke up faster and dropped him when he began to insist on her phone number.

Online Dating Can Be A Risky Affair
Online Dating Can Be A Risky Affair | Source

Tips On Avoiding Online Dating Disasters

  1. Don't divulge personal details like your address
  2. Don't divulge credit card or bank details
  3. Don't get emotionally entangled
  4. Use a separate email address for communication
  5. On a dating site, beware of guys who ask for instant messenger or email address right away to get you off the site

Increasing Website Traffic via a Personal Ad

Sometimes it’s not just being lonely and bored that can make you seek an internet romance. It is the anonymity of it all. You know that you never have to meet each other and this makes you really open up and spices up your days, married or not. Anjana, a very attractive woman who however, has no intentions of getting into another romance (having got almost rid of a bad marriage)but wanted to build traffic for her website and break some more hearts decided to have a little bit of fun and posted this personal ad at a Singles Club on the internet:

“I long for an internet romance. I am separated, have a seven year old son and I have been a model for many years. I have spent a long time in advertising and am a published writer. I’m gorgeous, very spiritual and regularly do yoga (no one can say I’m 40). I’d love a man – any age really (not beyond 55 though!) who’s blonde with blue eyes and has a nice flat stomach and a kissable mouth I may never ever get to kiss. That’s part of the fun. ”

Anjana added that she has a website where they can check out her pictures.

Anjana gets a couple of guys writing to her every week and traffic to her site has grown considerably and so has her self esteem. Alas, most of them are bald and not good looking at all. Some of them bemoan the fact that they are not blonde. One says he has dirty blonde hair and another confesses to have a kissable mouth but also a paunch. Here’s a sample of the kind of letters she gets:

A paunchy businessman from Italy:

She: I’d love to check out Italy.

He: Good! Check in at the airport!

She: And I’d love a picture of you.

He: Bad! Check up your brain! Or send me a disclaimer for any eyes or nervous injury you might be suffering after sight! Signed by a notary public of course…

She: You might have seen my picture on my homepage.

He: I have! Yesterday afternoon. And last night I had a nightmare!

You flew down with your personal jet, landing in the corn field in front of my house!

And you wanted to stay to know each other better.

So I cooked something for you, and you said, “delicious”.

Then you asked to take a bath to inaugurate my renovated bathroom!

And you asked me to wash your back!

Oh I forgot…I was Becky de Mornay! :(

Okay, better quit fooling around wasting the time of a beautiful, busy lady!

PS: Do NOT throw pics away! Post them on your door. You’ll get your anti-burglar insurance rate reduced by far!

Then there’s an American who says he lives in a seaside home and has another deep in the forests and threatens to fly over to see her or send her a ticket and they only know each other for four letters! Although she fantasises about accepting a ticket to ‘Sunny California’, giving him the slip, having a great time and coming back safely home, she doesn’t think she can pull off a scam like that. What if he finds her on the plane? Maybe she’ll disguise herself. But she can’t change her name. You see, he’s got a receding hairline and looks like Ikobod Crane of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’.

See what I mean? An internet romance is going to be great fun. Just don’t get all emotionally entangled or yield your address or phone number… or credit card details.

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