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Introducing the Unspoken Bodily Norm: A Must or a Bust?

Updated on January 23, 2020

Understanding Bodily Tendencies

Many of the adolescents we have today, including us, are now growing to be more curious, eager individuals, given that to be a natural tendency in our nature. It is too common for us to respond to our personal curiosities. It is too common for us to entertain such uncertainties, and that eventually resulting in unguarded circumstances. I know that the majority of us are still experiencing this phase. But is this really a phase to be considered in the first place?

The fact that many professionals still strive for further studies concerning several factors that will contribute to one’s transition toward adulthood, this remains to be a big question for everyone. Considering that such factors are inconsistent in themselves. This mentioned transition is composed of varying facets and that leading to a distinct development, be it in sexual, cognitive, or physical terms. See, it is clear for us that we undergo through these changes, we have established the point that we take the process of transformation, but the following processes that will come after this are still lacking to be initially discussed.

Say for sexual development, despite the exposure to media representations and online sources, this continues to be a sensitive topic for the youth, to begin with. Provided the previous narrative, there is still an insufficient manifestation of a proper provision directed to this and that contributing to the increasing amount of misrepresentations being encountered to this matter. In support of this, adolescents are observed to be resorting to misleading information, therefore, taking a negative toll on them.

On that account, to restrict them from this biological exploration may cause a risk on them from resorting to inappropriate sources that may create a strong effect on their holistic development, including their sexual development. Or worse, compel them to experience and internalize certain cases in a poor manner. Meanwhile, having to allow this group of individuals to develop of their own accord, primarily of those which may concern their sexuality, may somewhat appear conflicting, especially in a culturally-reserved environment wherein sexual orientations are either altered or presented explicitly. With that being said, along with the benefits are the danger that may be encountered from these.

Now, do we encourage these young individuals toward this observed practice? Or do we condemn them for engaging to such? It is this generation’s responsibility to choose and decide on which. However, it is more than important to take note of how prepared are we to introduce this, given that such a practice requires a two-way understanding.

So maybe instead of focusing on establishing an absolute note of imposition, how about we first get to know our bodily tendencies? To orient young individuals as well as ourselves on how we may be able to empower ourselves with the right instructions, because then again, there are two ends to every narrative. A possibility for each. And a conflict to bridge.


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