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Introducing the Wish List Challenge!

Updated on April 24, 2020
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I am a parent, futurist, and technologist. My career has spanned the birth of personal computers to the rise of cloud computing.

The more we pull together the stronger we are. The wish list challenge!

In the time of isolation and separation, we can pull together. This challenge is to help you connect, bond further, and ultimately find things to do with someone from whom you care! It is called The Wish List Challenge!

I would like to introduce a concept that I was inspired to create. This concept is a compilation. Part of the idea comes from another author and part from me. I did want to make sure the originator of the concept got credit before launching the concept.

The concept I am launching is a challenge. A few years ago, there was the ALS bucket challenge. You poured ice-cold water over your head and challenged another person to do the same. Since then, there have been many other challenges, all focused on diseases and finding cures. This challenge is about the connection to someone important to you.

So what is the challenge? I am calling it the wish list challenge. I am going to give you the problem and then pass along some guidelines. You can do the challenge and not do it the way I am laying out; the value is doing the challenge. The guidelines are simply like the lanes in a bowling alley, there to keep your ball in your lane. If you don't want to sue them, don't!

What is the first thing? Print two pieces of paper or you can write the two words on the top of a piece of paper. Honestly, if you are all digital, you can save a file and send that to the person you choose. You can choose any one that is important to you. Someone that you want to be engaged in doing things. Simply write:

Wish List

On the top of the page and then give it to your friend, neighbor, partner, brother, sister, aunt, uncle's mother, father, grandparent, or anyone that you want to do activities.

The Shampoo Challenge! Rinse and repeat!!


Break the list into the short term and long term. The reason for that is to start doing things for your relationship now. Since we are all on lockdown for the near future, this is a chance to do something with someone important to you. The short term list can be as simple as some of the suggestions I am listing below. The short term goals should be easily accomplished with little to no setup and should be around an hour or two hours in length.

Short term Activities (examples)

  • Play cards or play a board game.
  • Read a book to each other.
  • Watch a movie you have both wanted to see.
  • Do a creative or artistic project together.
  • Have an in-depth conversation about both your jobs.
  • Pick a room and clean the room together.
  • Pick a room and paint the room together.
  • Cook dinner or other meals together.
  • Got on a walk together
  • Go on a bike ride together

Long Term Activities (examples)

  • A hot air ballooning trip near your home
  • Plan a day trip somewhere near your home
  • Pick up food and have a picnic
  • Go to a national monument
  • Plan a weekend getaway

I won't detail everything you get the idea. The only rule is you have to take the piece of paper an type your list or write your list by hand. The initial activities will come from the sheet.

Now you set up a time where you both can present your files. Present both the short term and the long term goals. Talk about which ones are most important to you. Understand that the goal is to create a stronger relationship, so in some cases, you both have to be flexible.

Once you have the two lists combined in order, do the first short term activity. While you are working on that activity, plan one or more of the long term activities. Have a conversation about what you want to do and what your partner or other person wants to do.

The great thing about this Wish List Challenge is that it is a shampoo activity. Once you've finished the first list, rinse and repeat. There is no limit on the number of times you can do this challenge. One of the things that might be fun is to frame your first list and hang it on the wall (side by side). It will remind you of the goal (getting closer to another person) as well as remind you of the fun you had doing the Wish List Challenge!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Doc Andersen


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Doc Andersen 

      5 weeks ago

      it really is an amazing feeling - we did our wish lists last night. I think more than 1/2 of the items were things we both agreed on!

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      5 weeks ago from Northern Ireland

      My husband and I have been doing the garden together. In the past, he has mostly done it but now, he is not too well as we get on in years and I don't want him overdoing it. There was some very heavy work needed, moving rockery stones, digging up old scutch grass, removing and replacing the bricks around the pond .... We did it together and he even accepted me helping him to carry heavy sacks of stones and weeds. In the past, that would not have been needed. And now, when we have done some work, we can sit on the garden bench drink tea or coffee and watch the birds taking a bath in the pond. It's a great feeling.


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