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Ironical Quotes of Life

Updated on August 7, 2015

"Who I am, who I was and who I will BE are three different persons so don't chase me"

"True love stories never have ending because lovers keep on writing"

" if great minds think alike then pure hearts feel alike."

"If you want good you should be better, if you want better you should be the best ...”

"Being pessimist is the extreme optimism because in spite of surrounded by pessimism one prefers to stay alive."

"One condition of being a person of strong character is that you should prepare yourself to stay alone and single."

"Death is far much better than the life without hope, heart without love and mind without peace."

"In true love there is no if or but.....if you have them then think twice."

"Too much sensible and deep thinking keeps you away from happiness."

"For some reality is an ultimate illusion and for some only an illusion is their ultimate reality."

"Love can enter from anywhere, at anytime & in any shape.... specially when you are not prepared."

"The biggest defeat of God is that when his believer thinks that it does not make any difference whether i am dead or alive."

"Half of the problems will be solved in itself if we know ourselves and accept who we are."

"Anyone can earn money ...but not real satisfaction."

"life is not always .....what it seems."

"Arrange marriage verses love marriage, Go for like marriage."

"Good to be smart than to be fool, to be sincere then to be smart, to be wise then to be sincere, to be happy than wise and to be happy you have to fool again."

"It is better to take risk and to do mistakes and learn from them. its the only way when you can say to god thank you for giving me a chance to live a real life."

"It is an ultimate punishment when your own thoughts kill you."

"Always prefer ladder in place of lift .have your own experiences in life."

"Judge a man through his actions not through his words."

"Love can not be replaced by passtime."

"What's the use of positivity when their is no negativity what will be the value of smile when their is no tears that's why we all die after life so why fear from death."

"As medical science says that hearts pumps not beats how can one say love pl z discover new logic to prove its existence."

"The ultimate madness is to wait for love and when it comes, we are all forced to change the track."

"we never pick love...that is love which picks us."

"There is only one rule applicable in the world that there is no rule.....or rules are for fools."

"we live three life at a our.....thoughts, words and in actions."

"In love....a girl is great when she let her love go & a boy is great when he never let his love go."

"Never cheat yourself with blind reality, it will be very painful to face it in the end rather than accepting the eye opener reality in the beginning."

"We are all psychic within ourselves its just we are not sharing the same area of being crazy."

"We are all psychic within ourselves its just we are not verified and certified."

"Sometimes it is necessary to follow your heart weather it is at the cost of big risk, take it and see the adventures of life ."

"Deep & true love which remain unexpressed is a form of silent indifference that can easily changed in to hate without any flame of expression."

"love which remain silent or unexpressed is more fatal than one sided love such as hiding truth is more dangerous than telling a lie."

"When this is the end...please don't forget to take your last shot ...may be this is the time."

"There is only one thing which can make a difference is nothing but your own thinking."

"If it is the end ....never forget to take last chance."

"People who hurt someone don't know that pain is something depend on the tolerance power (how much u can u bear) not on d quantity(how much u can give) ."

"The most dangerous person is who turned bad from extreme good."

"Take decisions under emotional impact will always finish on remorse....decide only on d basis of mind not through heart or prepare to repay."

"Better 2 have static mind rather than d set one."

"The only failure is to define things according to your perceptions ....because world has no limit, no boundaries ....nothing."

"If u want 2 save yourself from hell...just hate love ."

"Feeling of love is a feeling until you existence apart from you ."

"The biggest fools on earth is the one who is chasing one sided love,2nd person is who lives in d past n d 3rd 1 is who thinks too much."

"Hell n heaven is both running on earth ......u r here to pay for your actions choice is yours."

"If your inner soul is pure.god will never let u do wrong deeds .even if u say a lie 4 a gain without harming any1 that bad lie will be true in future."

"We born on earth 2 explore ourselves here just to know yourself to check your own boundaries."

"If you are very romantic then you should have known that 1st god will wait until you kill your own desires for giving u your dream & to be ready for compromises ."

"We r all living a lie."

"If man can die easily without pain by making a wish, God could never find anyone in this planet for his worship."

"The synonyms of evil/good,wrong/right, hate/love, remorse/regret,life/death, me/you, hope/despair, poverty/richness..everything ."

"Its not an easy to be a ready for feeling others pain, your mind always taking to you, ready to give birth your creations."

"We are here to explore ourselves, to know ourselves, to accept our hidden reality and to say hi to death."

"Some people's God arr powerless."

"If you have no reason to be sad that means you have sufficient reason to smile."

"A girl should not associated with the boy who regret his association with her."

"The moment you die you will count how much love u gave and found and that point will decide your rest in peace."

"A girl always prefer a lovable dumb over a heartless intellect..(its the only thing where money don't work for her ) for rest of their life."

"Always prefer a lovable dumb over a heartless intellect..(its the only thing where money don't work for her) for rest of her life ."

"Those who share different dreams should not come in the dreams of each other."

"Don't get attach without knowing d rules how to detach."

"To have one worth husband is better than to have countless lovers."

"Love is only a lie so don't demand it to turn it in to reality from your imagination,illusion perceptions dreams and immature expectations."

"Its better to live a harsh truth rather than being in beautiful lie."

"People are living the exact life they design in mind."

"love is just a matter of time, time changes love changes......its for those who don't run after change."

"Extreme goodness can never get its get it you need to be bad, selfish and shameless otherwise be prepare to lose."

"'Happy Ending' 'Tragic Ending' or 'The End' are having only one meaning...................................MOVING ON or KEEP MOVING ."

"Girls ........never choose a studious guy for marriage.........believe me they will prove very bad husbands."

"Love without freedom is bird without wings."

"In India...parents,customs,culture,traditions,differences of any kind are just for making hell d lives of next generations.."

"A girl should never met right guy at the age of her marriage and specially when she is bound for arrange marriage."

"Worth and cost are to opposite things count yourself as lucky if u have one worth friend in stead of having so many."

"Because worth makes one priceless but cost can never make one worthy."

"A genuine smile is far much better than the fake laughter.."

"In an arrange marriage wake up one morning as a single and sleep as a committed one."

"Its up to u either create or copy.... be the follower or the stalker."

"The only short cut a man can can find is through long cut."

"Worst feeling ever "What am i doing here?."

"The synonym of wait is worse."

"Perhaps i am no good for you .....but it don't mean i am no good at all."

"Dream,dare, design n do."

"If you feel like an earning machine the only benefit is that you have arranged money for your last ritual so live life make your life worth not death. ."

"Claim yourself as lucky if you met a good person,became friends,felt natural love and that love loves you back having same caste, got married and still no regrets."

"Some peoples fate is totally governed by they are not the defaulters ."

"What is love and the answer is just opposite from the picture you design in mind."

"Give respect to a non deserving person ...just because he born as human so show some humanity to him if you are deserving human ."

"Try everything once in life never know how much jewels you have so just test yourself perhaps you just need a push to start a long journey ."

"Biggest grace of God is that he didn't fulfill our every wish...... which we understand later .....why........ and say thanks for not granted."

"There is no such thing as a strong woman. Woman by nature are very fragile...but there is a thing such as a weak man. ."

"It's a bitter truth that a person would remain mentally young till he is unmarried."

"Life is more easy than your thoughts."

"Even a simple word can destroy your think before he/she hears you.."

"Love should be verb more than noun."

"How stupid is to love the one without knowing name, nature or even without knowing that person what a waste of time, mind, emotions and energy."

"The only way to out from your love madness is make that person your friend."

"No girl and boy are having any weakness after becoming husband and wife because they overcome and fill this gap of one another.."

"The most stupid lie is that " I can not live without my love."

"Value only your life.............value the ultimate gift of God ......value it at any cost in d comparison to anything.."

"Always love your mirror…weather it is broke……..LOVE YOURSELF. ."

"Every person should learn how to live logically..............because ultimately heart pumps not beats."

"Love as much as you can because only for that we are here..........n it is the only thing which matters in the end ."

"know your will make your life easy a lot with less confusion and minor complexities because it clears our path to see n act."

"Love as much as u can because we are passing not time."

"No matter how much you laugh or is ultimately better to b sincere from the start."

"Two most desirable people on earth are the one who never interfere or the one who always does."

"You can get god easily but it is hard to know love, even harder to get and hardest to keep."

"Always make friend by choice not by chance because at any time they can be your love."

"In childhood we were happy because we were not worried about d worries actually exist n in young we are not happy because we bother about d worries never really exist ."

"An intelligent girl never make a wrong choice when its about hr marriage n husband. ultimately hr mind will win. guys who win heart ..beware."

"The most dangerous drug on earth is nothing but LOVE.. n it is incurable when u think about marriage. ."

"Never wait for time to make you happy stead of..... let time wait for your sadness."


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    • Rich11 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      sorryfor the very late reply lawrence....thank you so much dear for passing by my lines....heart felt thanks to u.

    • Rich11 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks you so much srsddn .....

    • Rich11 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks a lot ladyquitarpicker dear

    • Rich11 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you Ann for appreciating my sensible madness :)

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      Enjoyed this collection

      My favorite saying is "Better a short life full of glory than a ling life in obscurity" (reputedly feom Alexander the Great)



    • srsddn profile image


      3 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      Richa, Really great collections. Many of these are thought provoking and having deep meanings. Thanks for sharing.

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 

      3 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Like some of the quotes you have presented.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      4 years ago from SW England

      Great collection of quotes. Interesting and funny.



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