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True Love Can Go the Distance

Updated on February 10, 2017
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Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in between in a candid yet humorous approach.

So you're on a vacation in California and you happen to meet someone who you really connect with. During the two weeks you are there you spend every minute that you can together. Sadly, the two weeks end quickly and you soon must return to your residence in Florida, and you're left wondering if it was all just a fling or if it's worth pursuing a long distance relationship. Before you decide either way you should really think about all the pros and cons from all sides of the issue.

You should think about whether your connection is truly strong with this person or whether being on vacation has altered your outlook on things and when you get back to reality you might see things and them differently. Some connections are so fleeting that you're okay with parting after a few weeks because you'll both have the memories and that's enough for you. Why ruin a good thing when you ended things on great terms and have a bunch of photos and mementos of your time together? Then again, what if the connection was very strong and you're left with wanting more? Maybe the connection is so strong that you can't imagine leaving this person and never seeing them again. Maybe it's that once in a lifetime soulmate connection that you've been looking for all along. Would you let something like distance get in the way of true love?

You may be sure of your feelings but you have to take the other person's feelings into consideration also. Just because you're feeling like you need this person in your life doesn't mean that it's mutual. You need to have a serious talk and figure out where you both stand and how to pursue the relationship further but only if that's what you both want. You'll know this or not by the end of your conversation with the person. It may be rough if the other person wants to leave with just the memories you made together and nothing more while in your head you were already planning on moving across the country to be with them. Regardless, it's better to know the truth and be honest about your feelings too so you both know what you're getting into and if it's even worth it in the end.

A long distance relationship may not be the ideal way to date someone but it shouldn't be viewed as a deal breaker either. It may be a temporary complication sure, but it definitely should not stop you from being with someone with whom you have a strong connection and who you can picture yourself with long term. Distance is a big deal sure, but this is modern times and there are so many ways to be together without actually being in the same place.

In the case of long distance relationships, technology is your best friend. There are so many ways to stay in touch these days that living far from each other should not be the reason you rule someone out or refuse to even give them a chance. First off, there's the good old fashioned phone call. Everyone has cell phones and unlimited minutes so you can talk to someone from across the country anytime you want without having to worry about extra charges on your bill. There's also text messages which are also unlimited these days to most people. You can keep in touch with your significant other over the course of a day when you can't call each other due to work or other obligations. If you have an iPhone or other smartphone you also have the Facetime app which is basically like a videophone and you can see each other while you talk. Next, there's Skype which you can use to video chat on your computer. There's also other ways to keep in touch such as through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As you can see there are various ways to keep in touch if you don't live near your significant other that are almost like having them there. Video chatting is an amazing way to actually see and hear each other which is incredible when you think about it. People probably didn't think that was even possible 100 years ago but look how far we've come! Video chatting is the next best thing to actually having a person there physically. There are fun ways to have dates on video chat such as having coffee or meals together while you see each other or even watching movies or television together so it's like the other person is actually there with you and you can see their reactions and hear their comments in real time.

All in all, technology is a great way for you to keep in touch with your significant other if you are in a long distance relationship. Of course having a relationship is about more than just talking on the phone or video chatting. It takes real work and effort, in person and even more so over a distance. Over anything else, you need to have trust in the person you're with and they need to have the same for you. You have to talk about what each of you can and cannot do while you're in a long distance relationship. You should discuss questions such as: are you exclusive or can you date other people? Is there a plan for the future when one or both of you will move so you can be together? Are you going to schedule visits to fly out and see each other in your states of residence? Maybe a vacation or trip that you both go on together? These are questions that you need to discuss and figure out if you are to have a successful long distance relationship.

When you are considering getting into a long distance relationship you have to be really honest with yourself as well. You know who you are better than anyone else. You know whether you have what it takes to maintain a long distance relationship or not. No one can decide or talk you into it, you have to want it yourself. If you know monogamy is an issue for you and you like to have flings and one night stands it's probably best if you don't have a long distance relationship unless you've discussed it and you both can see other people and do what you want. Ideally, if you have someone in your life that you truly love and want to have a future with you shouldn't even be out there looking for other dates or flings. It all comes down to the type of person you are and whether you can stay true to a person who isn't always around you but who you love. Having a long distance relationship is just like any other relationship and you should be loyal and trustworthy to the person you're with or just let them go if you can't follow through. It doesn't give you an excuse to just run around and do whatever you want. If being free and doing everything you desire is what you want then you should probably be single and keep doing that or whatever else works for you. Any relationship, whether physical or long distance, deserves respect from both the people in it.

Overall, don't rule someone out just because they live far away from you. Who knows what the future holds for each of you and if your connection is that strong how can you risk letting that person go when there is no guarantee that you'll meet someone else that's so right for you? The truth is, there are no guarantees in life and when you meet the right person you should do all that you can to keep them in your life even if that means making the extra effort of maintaining a long distance relationship. I believe we meet people for a reason and if there's someone that's coming into your life that you feel strongly connected to, you must take that into consideration when making decisions about your future. If finding the right person were so easy then we'd all be happily married to the person of our dreams. Obviously, just because someone lives close to you doesn't mean they're the right person for you. Comfortable and convenient doesn't mean it's true love it just means it's easy. Remember that what comes easy isn't worthwhile and what's worthwhile doesn't come easy.

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