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Is Falling in Love Worth it?

Updated on January 31, 2011

Falling in love is often portrayed as something magical, beautiful, and sensual. You are attracted to someone and can't get that person out of your mind. And when you are with him or her, you are stuck to each other like Velcro. You live happily ever after, can ride out any storms that come your way, and you can't ever bear to lose one another. Sappy, sappy, sappy.

But then the morning comes - so to speak. There will come a time when your loved one will disappoint you. Offend you. Surprise and hurt you. After all, we are only human. The mistakes we make are because we cannot read each other's minds, nor can we please everyone all the time. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a relationship can't survive. It's not because we've been lazy, harmful, or selfish. Sometimes love can't fix everything. It's a gift, and you have to be willing to let the bad experiences you face in your love life shape you to be better people. But everyone has different thresholds of pain, patience, and resistence. Particularly those who are prone to stress, you will be the ones to throw in the towel more readily. Sometimes you might have fallen in love with the wrong person, or let your experiences turn you into someone undesirable to your partner, so that you are better off not together. That finality can often heal you into falling in love again with someone else, and in some cases, fall back in love with your original partner!

Those who have never been in love covet that feeling of being cherished. Yet, there are those who abhor relationships and don't want to be smothered. And then you have people who are grieving over the loss of their spouse, not sure how to go on with life. Truly, there is no right answer in the grand scheme of things in regard to love. It's not wrong to fall in love, and it is not wrong to not fall in love, either. Sometimes we as a people want things just to satisfy our curiousity, and not because we will value or cherish what we've gained we get it.

So so ahead and fall in love if... can be unselfish can overlook flaws and faults have the time to devote to a long-lasting relationship are honest with yourself and others don't expect much

Because really, love is not about what's in it for you, but what you can do to brighten the life of the one you love. This cannot be faked or bribed with any wordly goods. That's what makes couples who suffer from physical or mental anguish stay together, because they can look past outward beauty and still choose to love and honor each other.  Something happens when you do that - you are rewarded with acceptance. 

Too many people go about finding acceptance first, rather than learning what makes the other person happy.  If you don't have the time for that, or are never able to find satisfaction in life itself, there's a strong possibility that love is just not for you. There's nothing wrong with staying away from love - as sometimes it is better to focus your energy on your job than to be distracted by thoughts of an infatuation. Nor do you have to have a romantic partner to experience love. Your family, your friends, and your pets can all be just as loved by you - and maybe even moreso - than a partner or a spouse.


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