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Is He Losing Interest In Me?

Updated on August 10, 2012

Do you feel like your relationship is losing its spark? Is your husband or boyfriend showing signs that he is losing interest? Maybe you are the one experiencing this loss of interest. If so, how do you save the relationship? What can you do to keep from losing the one you love?


Has your relationship become routine? Do you do the same thing day in and day out? Think about it this way, If you ate the same thing every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you would be bored of it. In the beginning you may be satisfied with being fed, but after a month you would never want to see the same 3 meals again. You will begin Losing Interest very quickly.

Surprise your lover with something new. Schedule something fun at least once a week.


Sometimes when we are with a person for a while, we let go a bit when it comes to out appearance. Think back to your first few dates when you sat in the mirror for an hour, went to the nail salon, got a bikini wax or maybe ever a Brazilian (Ouch!). That is what your love was attracted to, he fell in love with the feeling of your soft skin or your silky hair. Why no remind him of that?


People change! They grow out of each other. If you and your lover have grown apart, it's time to fall in love again. This time, falling in love with the person your lover has become. Focus on the positive, learn to appreciate these changes. Tell your partner what you enjoy about their new views, or their new appearance.


No relationship is perfect, but losing Interest has a lot to do with fighting. How could there be physical attraction when you are arguing? No unstable relationship results in love and passion. Period.

Why Did You Lose Interest?

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