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Is He Really Into You

Updated on June 11, 2010

The Reality Of It Is.....

I mean come on girls....lets be serious! How do we ever really know if a guy is into us? Is it in his eyes, his touch, or the way he speaks. Well if you thought any of these you were right. Its in his over all persona. Guys tend to give off subtle hints on whether or not they are into you. All you have to do is look for the clues and use them to your advantage.

His Eyes Say It All

A man's eyes are known to be the gateway into his soul. This is so freaking true!. Men aren't emotional at all. They are very skilled at hiding how they really feel, but if you can look into his gateway then you will know what's real. You will most definitely know if he is or isn't into you.

The Glance

  • If you get the sideways glance he definitely letting you know he's into you, but he's trying to be subtle about ie. This is the first encounter glance. This means nothing you relationship could still go either way. Down the aisle or to the bed.
  • The prolonged glance aka the "I want to sleep with you" look is one to avoid. that is unless you are just looking for a fling that won't mean much by the end of the night. Sl-ts this is the one for you!

The Liar

  • Most men lie! There is no need to argue the fact at hand. Be a human lie detector by reading his eyes.
  • Up and to the left....He is definitely hiding something. Run from this guy or stay but at your own risk.
  • He can't look you straight into the eyes when explaining something. He looks down continously while talking and also rubs his ears, nose, mouth or chin. He knows that eyes eyes will give him away.

The One

  • He can't take his eyes off of you. He lets you see into his soul! His eyes agree with his conversation and shows that he means what he says.
  • He talks to you and not your assets.
  • When making love he constantly looks into your eyes. is his way of telling you that he wants a deeper connection with you. Its not just physical!

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His Stance

 A man's stance is anther way you can figure out if he is into you. He can have a stance that's inviting or standoffish. Either way you will get the hint.


  • When a man is into you he will stand facing you with his feet spead apart, chest stuck out flexing his muscles. He will not flex his muscles in a body building way but just enough for you to notice that he works out and is in good physical shape.
  • As the conversation progresses he will lean into you. this is because he's secretly wanting to touch you but he's trying to ease into it. He's being subtle about it. He wants to get close to you.
  • If he stands/ sits with his feet turned in he is a shy guy. He's not to sure on how to approach you or talk to you. He will admire you from afar. You would do much better making the first move yourself with this obviously shy guy.

Get Back

  • When uninterested a man will stand with both his feet turned away from you. this gesture signifies that he is trying to run or walk away from you. Maybe what you're sayig or doing is unattracting him to you or he was never into you in the first place. Maybe he wanted your friend.
  • When in a group and a man approaches you look at the direction that his chest is pointing in. A man will usually point his chest towards the woman he is interested in with that group of friends. Get out of the way! that's if its not pointing in you direction.

What It Comes Down To

 All and all.....these are just the basics. There is still a  lot more that needs to be discovered. there is much more to be discussed. This is only the beginning. Look for these tall tale signs and be on the way to catching you man. Remember none of these thing will guarantee you a long lasting relationship. You have to be open to it and ready to deal with every aspect that comes with it. Be you and you will be able to keep a good man.


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