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Is It Better to be Single or Married?

Updated on October 16, 2013

For such a simple question, the answers are many and colored by the events in one's life regarding the issue. Yet, there are some core elements that seem to reverberate in answers. For example, many will state that being single is better because one has freedom to do what they want, when they want, with whom they want. Expenses are less when leaving alone than with living with another and that living single has only a few downsides. It seems that when you are single, most are always looking for that special person to fall in love with, to be with and share events and daily life. This seems to weaken the argument that being single is better because of the constant and sometimes overwhelming loneliness that comes with being single. If there is no one special and even if you have friends, it is not the same and one still tends to long for another person to share with. If your single with few or no friends, you may find yourself doing things you would not normally do just to consume the time of a day when you are not working. That could be being at the gym longer than you normally would, seeing several movies in a weekend, taking long hikes etc.

It seems that being single eventually leads to finding a special person to share life with and that may lead to marriage. Being married is full of complexities, good and bad.Kids simple add to them, good and bad. Even if you despise marriage, living with your special other does often become like a marriage with the similar trigger issues that evolve over time- simple things usually become large hurdles to overcome. As with any relationship, many things become blurred out of love and many things are deliberately ignored (like irritating habits, house duties) out of love until after many years, they may or may not cause a breakup. It happens. When you were single, it was all dependent on you, yourself and I. There was no other to give you a break, in a marriage or living together, there is.

Being married offers a caring unit, not just a few roommates under a roof with minimal in common. No one really cares about what the other does unless it interferes with their space or habits. In a marriage, everything is connected in some way. It is funny how newly weds tend to gradually move from a family of two to a family of three in short time. There seems to be something in the human nature to do this as most newly weds do not remain a family of two for long.

For tax purposes, being married beats being single anyday and the larger the family, the more exemptions you have but then you need them because you have much higher expenses and issues than a single filer.

I guess since most singles want a relationship with another to feel important and to avoid loneliness, the answer seems to be that living the single life is not as good as those who are either married or living together as a couple.


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