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Is It OK To Have Sex Everyday?

Updated on July 12, 2012

Is it OK to have sex everyday? I heard, and have been asked that question quite a few times in my professional career.

Having sex everyday, like most things, has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage #1:

- It's a form of physical exercise: You're burning calories, reducing your cholesterol, and relieving stress/ mild depression. So from a health standpoint, having sex everyday is beneficial to your overall health.


* It's a form of physical exercise. There will be times where your body would need a break to recover. And depending on how hard and/or how long of a time you two are going during sex, you (or the person you're with) may feel a bit sore on certain parts of your body. It also can be draining at times... which means less productivity at work, school, or even at home.

Advantage #2:

-- Increased level of Oxytocin (a hormone that induces sexual desire). Sharing your body with someone may increase your level of Oxytocin. Thus bringing you closer to that person... which will increase the love, affection, and potentially the frequency of sex.


* It may become too routine, predictable, and uninspiring. It should be something that's looked forward to. Otherwise boredom may occur. Just make sure that if you both are having sex often, you're switching positions (or locations), spicing up the intimacy by engaging in each others fantasies, and taking a day off here or there to bring upon the feeling of wanting to be intimate.

In any case, intimacy should be a healthy component of a relationship. And really, no one can determine how often is best for you and your partner to have sex. That's something that two of you should decide. Have open and honest communication with your partner about your sex lives, and determine the frequency yourselves.


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