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Is It Ok To Celebrate #HeterosexualPrideDay

Updated on June 29, 2017

At first glance, the idea of someone wanting to celebrate heterosexuality is like a person wanting there to be a white history month. For a number of reasons that just doesn't make sense. For one white culture is the dominant culture in America. Also there are several holidays in American culture with origins already going back to Caucasian history. In the same token to celebrate straight pride seems almost unnecessary. No one has to deal with heavy family backlash for being straight, lack of understanding from peers about their lifestyle choice or even the self questioning of their own masculinity or femininity.

However unlike white culture, there aren't any direct or indirect times to celebrate heterosexuality. Technically one could point to Valentine's day, but even still that day encompasses all different types of love and relationships. It's still not specific to the physical love a man can give to a woman and vice versa. So in my opinion there are two reasons why celebrating #Heterosexual Pride Day is perfectly fine.


In anyway you slice it there are more straight people in the United States than gay. (#Facts) Whenever it's possible to take a day and use it to educate younger people about the joy and consequences of heterosexual activities than I think that's positive. Maybe there's a kid out there who sees that Straight Pride is trending and because of that decides to do some research on the subject. Possibly from that he learns how important it is to wear condoms.


The beauty and power of the male and female body becoming one is well documented whether that be in classical art or the more rogue However the act is definitely something special and should be properly celebrated. Especially when you factor in that in this very month alone there is Candy Month, Dairy Month, Flip a Coin Day, Hug your Cat Day and so many other weird days. So taking time to appreciate Heterosexual Pride Day just doesn't really seem all that far off when you look at the bigger picture.

Well anyways these are just my opinions but if you feel differently please feel free to comment below! Thanks for reading


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    • profile image


      20 months ago

      I can't believe they have Heterosexual Pride Day! But in one way I am not surprised. I think being a heterosexual is or now is being revealed as a minority group and being denigrated at the same time. The pendulum seems to have swung too far to LGBTQI.

      Whichever way your sexuality is, is fine BUT I want non heterosexuals to stop trying to cross the boundary over into the straight domain. Relationships are challenging enough without blurring the attraction/gender lines. That's my personal opinion at this point in time.

    • Xplor profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from Kansas City

      Thanks for reading my article! I should have made it more clear in the article but Heterosexual Pride Day is already a thing. I think today was the first time anyone celebrated it. But you can see more people commenting about it on twitter:

    • Diana Majors profile image

      Diana Majors 

      20 months ago from Arkansas

      I don't see a problem with your idea at all! If there is a day for everything else, why not? Perhaps you should designate a day, and we can start a trend beginning with Hubbers!

    • Xplor profile imageAUTHOR


      20 months ago from Kansas City


    • madison76 profile image

      Paul Madison 

      20 months ago from Gibsonton

      I like this idea very much!!!


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