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Is It Possible For My Wife to Love Me Again?

Updated on June 22, 2010

Can My Wife Love Me Again?

If you are a husband wondering if your wife can love you once again, I am going to give some general tips that might help you in getting your wife's lost love back. But first, you have to set yourself in the right state of mind.

If your mood is a little down and near the ground, you will not be attractive to any person, which includes your wife. So you must rotate your way of thinking around to be optimistic. Visualize the high-quality times you both have had and how much she treasured you when your relationship was just commencing. Think about how you used to courted her and think of a plan on how you can start doing that once again. It should be easier this time given that you already know her better.

Following that you have set yourself into a more optimistic position, you are going to need to evaluate the why's and how's of why she abandon you in the first place. If you took your spouse for granted and never offered her gratitude and thanks for everything she did, that could be one reason. If you just fell into a comfy sort of mode and did not feel the need to tell your wife that you loved her, that could be another reason too.

Every women need to sense that she is loved and that someone cares about her. So begin with the simplest way that exists to win back her heart, which is by saying I love you. Can you recall when was the last occasion you said those precise words to your wife? And not just within the routine at the last part of a telephone call but while looking directly into her eyes. Can you imagine how much time may have already passed from the time that you said the last real I love you? That it's something your spouse needs to hear.

One more reason your partner could have distanced herself from you is if you did not treat your wife nicely and with respect. Lots of proceedings fall under that specific group and not being faithful falls at the top of that category. If this somehow relates to you, in that case you should transform your behavior. Women are really sensitive and some of your comments may actually hurt her. If you used to continuously yell at your wife, this is something that requires you to bring to an end.

The idea of losing the one you love is scary, particularly if you have shared mutually various years as one. Hopefully these tips will assist you to accomplish your intention of winning your wife's love back and live as a happy family.


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