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Is Marriage the Beginning or the End of Happiness?

Updated on December 3, 2013

Marriage is certainly a big step in the journey of life. However, being that the divorce rate is so high one must wonder if it is a good idea. I have seen some happy couples in my life, but I have seen a lot more miserable couples if you ask me. Happy couples are few and rare. Sometimes I wonder how it is these people are just magically so happy together when everyone else is bickering and at each other's throats. Well, to me it is still a mystery this whole love thing.

I mean so many things must work out just right for the marriage to succeed. Sometimes I wonder if we expect too much. However, what are we without our dreams and expectations? We are all dreamers in some way wanting to live a certain way and make our lives better. Why should we settle for less? I mean I think it is only healthy to have some standards.

Marriage can be a confusing time in your life. Especially if you married the wrong person. You can be so confused with all kinds of feelings. There is fear, disappointment, some love, anger, hurt, and more. Marriage can be a big headache to say the least. This is especially true if you are not stable in your life. Let us just say you have a crappy job and you do not come from a good family. Maybe you have no support system or some mental issues. Maybe you just have bad luck. Who cares? In the end for the marriage to be happy, your situation should be happy. The whole Cinderella story just does not work in real life. There is no knight in shining armor to rescue a lost soul. There are just bad people looking to take advantage of the vulnerable people in this life. So before you get married or make any long term commitment to anyone, make sure that you are not being taken for granted or being taken for a fool.

Marriage should be the continuation of happiness that is already present without it. I think a healthy marriage should be mostly happy with some highs and lows. You should not always be miserable or insecure in a marriage. If you are, just get a divorce.


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      Kenny Babb 4 years ago from Huntington Indiana