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Is My Boyfriend Interested In Another Girl?

Updated on August 12, 2012

Is your boyfriend interested in another girl? How can you be sure? What are the signs? This can be a heart breaking experience. Unfortunately it does happen. These are the signs that your boyfriend interested in another girl.


Your sex life is not the same. He does not touch you the way he use to. He seems to change the subject when you mention sex or say something sexy.

His Phone

He is constantly hiding his phone or making sure he has it on him at all times so there is no chance of you picking it up. He recently added a password to the phone. He sneaks away to use the phone often. He is texting more often.


He is spending less and less time with you. He is always busy and he constantly has an excuse as to why he cannot see you. When you are together, he is in a hurry to leave.


He is starting to call you less and less. He talks to you less often, when you are together he acts very distant.

His Actions

You notice a change in his behavior. He no longer treats you the same. He doesn't show his love and appreciation the way he once did.


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