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Is Premarital Sex Acceptable and Beneficial?

Updated on November 29, 2010

According to a worldwide survey carried out by a major condom brand, only 44 percent of the questioned married individuals feel happy with their sex life. About 48 percent of the women who answered survey questions admitted that they fake an orgasm.

The very same survey shows that married couples have sex only 98 times per year. Further, few husbands are aware of the fact that their wives are not climaxing and are thus putting on a show.

These statistics result from the fact that many people remain uncomfortable with discussing sex or exploring their sexuality. As a result, large percentage of all married couples is not enjoying the quality sex they should be.

Sex is an important part of each romantic relationship. And premarital sex plays an important role for marital sexual happiness. Some people turn this claim down as religiously and ethically unacceptable. Yet, the fact is that people who enjoy premarital sex are having better intimate life as married individuals.

~ Sexual exploration ~

Premarital sex allows an individual explore different opportunities with different partners.

Sex is about finding out what you like. The only way to achieve that is through trial and experimentation.

As long as it is carried out in a thoughtful and responsible manner, premarital sex is perfectly acceptable. It provides a person with valuable lessons and information that will make intimacy with the right person even better.

~ Getting to know what you want and like ~
Many people having little experience and unrealistic expectations find sex to be less satisfying than what they have imagined.

Sexual experimentation lets a person decide what works best. In fact, the things that one individual experiences as exciting are seen as repulsive by another.

People fail to connect on sexual level if they have remained inexperienced until marriage. As a result, so many of them are unhappy and puzzled with their sexual experiences. Yet, they put up with it since they know no better.

~ Learning how to please a partner ~
Apart from discovering what is individually stimulating, a person will also find out how to please a partner through sexual experimentation.

Let us face it – sex is a huge part of marital relations. Problematic sex can often lead to a break up. Knowing how to please a partner is of crucial importance in terms of sexual happiness.

~ Sexual compatibility ~
Two people who are a perfect emotional and intellectual match could be entirely sexually incompatible.

Premarital sex is very important in terms of finding out whether two partners are sexually compatible.

It is true that sexual compatibility could be present but the risk is too high. After all, before saying “I do” a person has to be certain in all aspects of the decision. There is nothing wrong with taking sex into consideration.

~ Premarital sex and religion ~
Many people turn down premarital sex because of their religious beliefs.

I would not want to get into a theological argument but when it comes to sex, Christianity is full of ambiguities and misconceptions. Some experts even claim that no part of the Bible specifically bans premarital sex.

After all, premarital sex is a personal decision. If a person feels too uncomfortable with the issue, it is better to refrain from doing it. Having regrets as a result can never be productive.

~ Premarital sex and responsibility ~

Many people understand premarital sex as promiscuity. The fact is that many people have had just a few partners before getting married.

Premarital sex is a responsibility that an individual has to be aware of it.

Safety and care for a partner are of uttermost importance. Learning how to practice safe sex is another very important skill that a person will gain through this experience.

Premarital sex is not something that should be practiced lightheartedly. Sex is a serious affair and a person has to be aware of the implications and consequences. Yet, premarital sex and experimentation are very important in terms of a happy and successful marriage. Knowing what you want and how to get it will let you stay content and in love. There is nothing wrong with utilizing this opportunity.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      When I was growing up during the 'sexual revolution'even though many people were having sex it was still such a taboo to talk about it outside of certain crowds-- especially for women to admit to having premarital sex. It just wasn't something you wanted getting around, it could ruin your reputation. It's refreshing these days that there can be frank conversations about it, even on tv with shows like Sex in the City or in magazines where everything from psychology to techniques are openly explored. We don't have to pretend anymore that it's not part of many single people's lives.

    • vily_far profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thank you all for the comments!

      I believe that everybody has the right to make decisions for themselves. I just wanted to present the issue and the two different sides of the story.

    • LauraGT profile image


      6 years ago from MA

      Nice hub. I agree. I think that sex, while it should not be taken lightly, is very important part of a romantic relationship. In fact, it's probably the most intimate thing you can do with someone, so I think it's a good idea to make sure it's something you can do with your potential life partner.

      It's interesting that people equate premarital sex with so many negative outcomes. My favorite is "divorce." Sorry, people, but that can't happen unless you get married first! ;)

    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 

      7 years ago from Lagos

      Frankly speaking even without taking the bible's view point into consideration, one should know that promiscuity is against the ethics of a good, sustainable & lasting[relationship] marriage. However, if one desire pre-marital sex, it must not be done after marriage. This means that once a person takes the oath of fidelity [s]he must obey to the last all tenets governing the marriage bed. Have you forgotten so easily the attendant risks involved when one engage in pre-marital sex or promiscuity?

      ¤ Sexually transmitted disease

      ¤ Unwanted pregnancy

      ¤ Guilt

      ¤ Shame

      ¤ Divorce

      and so much more.

      One advice is 'never marry if you choose to be promiscuous' Remember, what you do now may hurt you most in the future.

      Thanks all the same. Take care

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      those experts that you called, to claim that Bible never disagree or agree with premarital sex, I don't think that they are an expert at all. without reading it they don't know about the Bible.try to read 1 Corithians 6:12to20.

    • lburmaster profile image

      Leah Lenau 

      7 years ago from Houston, TX

      I enjoyed your points and adored the fact that some experts claim the bible never disagrees or agrees with premariatal sex. Amazing :)


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