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Is She Worth It To You

Updated on January 8, 2011

Is She Worth It To You

I've had your babies, nearly died with the second one during child birth and still I made love to you and gotten pregnant again with the third child. There is nothing I would hesitate doing for you because I loved you. Your buddies call and you go running over to play poker with them and sneak back into our home at 3am in the morning trying your best not to wake me as if you're guilty about something you've done.

When our youngest made 5 years old, you didn't come home to join the celebration. I had to explain to our child that daddy had to work, knowing all along you were with a gal pal you hadn't seen in years. I was the one consoling our crying disappointed child as I tucked her into bed that night.

Your priorities are all twisted up, where viewing your family as important doesn't happen anymore. Your wife you wish would disappear and your children you wish was never born because they are a threat to your freedom and the woman you really want to be with. The woman you say is just a friend. Your wife is not stupid, she just doesn't mention anything to you to keep the peace for the sake of the children, so their boat won't be rocked, it's bad enough your boat is rocked.

We argue, fuss and fight whenever I bring up your neglect towards our family, you seem to think there is nothing I should be concerned about. However, I'm very concerned especially when it comes to our marriage. Do you remember the time I put you through business school? Do you remember the time I was the one working paying the mortgage on our home? And then came home to cook dinner and take care of the children while you studied and later goofed around on your Sony playstation, like you were one of the kids.

I put up with your mess telling me that I gained too much weight and that you liked it when I was much thinner. I put up with your parents who hated my guts and even questioned whether you were the father of our third child, when you were the only one running around in this marriage. You probably didn't even know I was listening in on your phone call with her late one night, when you would have sworn I was asleep.

You once told me I wasn't fun like I used to be and not once did you say, "Hon, I know you are tired and warn out for all the things you do that I wouldn't never volunteer to do, but I appreciate it all." There were times when you were at work, I'd call to see how your day was going and your gal pal would call and you'd tell me the boss was on the other line.

After I've begged my parents to take the kids for the night so that we could have a romantic night, Our romantic nights are replaced with, I'm beat honey can't we put this off tonight and I end up stuffing my face with junk food and watching television while you were online chatting with your gal pal until early in the morning. One night when you were off at one of your poker parties with the buddies, I took the time to check your emails and visited your gal pal's facebook page and what I read was heartbreaking to me, my worse fears came true when I read this juicy email to her telling her how attracted you are to her and that you were falling madly in love with her.

When I confronted you about this, you denied it over and over again and begged me not to break-up our family over this. So then I asked you to end it with your gal pal and you had the nerve to tell me that she was a friend only and that you refuse to end it with a friend because of my insecurities. After all I've done, being a loyal and good wife to you, you still think your friends or girlfriends are more important than me and your children.

My therapist told me that getting rid of you would be best for my sanity. Listening to my therapist was the best thing I did for my life, because now I'm divorced from you and never felt better, I've lost weight and got a brand new sexy  look. The days weekends when you have the children, I'm off having the best romantic time of my life with a brand new handsome man who thinks the sun rises and sets in me. After all I've done for you, I never thought that it would feel so good to finally be able to say after all I've done for myself, I'm finally happy with my soul-mate.

















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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 7 years ago from New Orleans, La

      This is a story many women can share. Luckily I was only the girlfriend and had no kids for him. Thank You Wendi M

    • Wendi M profile image

      Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire

      Good for you Affinity! Now keep moving forward, and don't ever look back!