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Is Your Ex Girlfriend Seeing Someone Else and How This May Be An Advantage

Updated on May 10, 2016

Your ex seeing someone else can really put a dent on your heart, ego, and pride. I know, and I think every guy has been there and understand just how you're feeling. I know I do. The fear of losing your ex girlfriend to some shmuck can really tear at your emotions, but this article is gonna reassure you that your ex girlfriend seeing someone else has quite a bit of advantages.

It Always Isn't Over

First off, I know you feel a lone right now like you're on some deserted island of depression, but I just want to let you know that it's never truly over with someone. You may think that it's over just because she's moved on and is seeing someone else. This is a myth, and couples do get back together all the time.

Some do and some don't, but there are a few signs that you should look for to determine whether you're in a good spot or not.

Signs You're In A Good Position With Your Ex Girlfriend

There are signs that your ex girlfriend may not be all that willing to let go of your relationship even if she is dating another guy.

One of these signs is quite confusing and that's if she still wants to remain friends. However, just suggesting it ain't good enough. This is only a good thing if she makes an effort to hang out and contact you.

This is a definite sign that she's on the fence about your break up. She's not too sure about completely letting go.You see if she didn't care about you any longer she would be completely indifferent towards you.

I don't care if an ex girlfriend says, "I hate you and don't contact me again!" You see, this is an emotion. I've had ex girlfriend's say this, and a few weeks or months later, I've received a text or phone call from them.

There really is a fine line between love and hate. Just a week ago she says she doesn't know what to do without you and the next thing she's saying don't contact me. The important thing is that she still feels something about you. You're in trouble if she feels nothing for you.

However, I will warn you right now that remaining friends will completely ruin your chances of ever getting back together. You don't have to be rude and say, "I don't want to be your friend!" Remember, how you handle this part will determine a lot of work you'll have to do or not do in getting back together.

Here's what I said when my ex girlfriend suggested just being friends, "Let's play it by ear." Of course, I did this with a smile. I remember she gave me a dirty look. Want to know why? It's because I didn't beg or plead like she expected me to do. I didn't get all emotional, and I didn't agree nor disagree with her suggestion of being just friends. I left it open ended.

Of course, I had absolutely no intention of being demoted into the friend zone, but I handled the situation without bickering, arguing and fighting her about it. Of course, I smiled after I said what I said to her and turned around and walked away.

Why Your Ex Seeing Someone Else Can Be An Advantage

It's all too common in this day in age that we often take for granted things that we have, but when those things are gone we tend to miss them, don't we? This is no different for relationships, and it's often more common to take partners for granted nowadays.

That saying, "The grass isn't always greener on the other side," is extremely true. You see the advantage you have over this new fool is that you have a history with your ex girlfriend. There's a lot of good memories you two shared.

The problem with her and her new interest is that they are new to each other and trying to build a history.They've only seen the positives in each other so far, but here's the thing. The honeymoon stage always wears off, and it wont be long before reality sets in.

This new guy could be a total douche bag, and when the problems start to arise, in which they always do, things won't be so sweet for her. If you have quite a bit of history with your ex girlfriend, you are in a clear advantage over this guy in the long run.

Another advantage is if the break up was recent, she may have just found a rebound to comfort her loneliness. According to statistics, most rebound relationships don't work out.

What To Do If Your Ex Is Seeing Someone New

Beware: How you handle this can really determine your outcome in getting back together with her. If you're break up isn't very long ago, whatever you think is the logical solution is probably the wrong one. Why is that? It's because you're still emotional over the break up.

When you're still emotional, you'll do amazing stupid things and think that they seem to be the right thing to do at the moment. Don't fall for it. You're emotions at this juncture will only harm you.

There are definite things you can do that will give you a better chance to someday get back together. There are also definite mistakes you can make that ensures getting back together wont ever happen.

If you want to learn exactly what to do after a break up to have the highest chance of getting your ex girlfriend back, you must learn about The No Contact Rule. Visit the link to read and download a completely free ebook about The No Contact Rule.



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