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Is He Cheap Or Wise? How to Discern If Your Significant Other Is Financially Cautious Within Reason

Updated on September 19, 2014

Smart (automobile) For A Cheap Guy | Source

Is He A Penny Pincher

calculater and pennies
calculater and pennies | Source

Pinching- Pennies Is This Wise Or Cheap Decession?

Two Pennys
Two Pennys | Source

Is He Too Cheap?

Catherine Woods is not amused by cheap jokes or cheap men. As it happens, stingy men, are no laughing matter. Catherine shares, “I'm leaving my cheap fiancé! We’ve been engaged for ten years and I worked two jobs trying to save up for my dream wedding. My fiancé Spencer, complains about the cost of everything in sight. He wants to elope in Vegas. But I don’t want to be married by some Elvis impersonator. When I think about how cheap Spencer can be, I wonder why do I want to marry that stingy money controlling miser?

Kelie Wright has dated cheap men all of her life. On one occasion a man that she had been dating for awhile asked her for gas money, not only were gas prices fairly reasonable at the time but the guy drove a smart car; in which he could barely fit into. Kelie also dated a stingy man who insisted on ordering off the kids' menu at restaurants. But her worse encounter took place when the same guy attempted to sneak inside a dollar movie theater.

In a relationship the frugal behavior addressed by Catherine and Kelie could be a major turn off to many women. However can such frugal measures lead to success?

Take a look at Warren Buffet who took control off Berkshire Hathaway in 1965, investing $1,000 into the company has made Buffett, a multimillionaire today.

When Buffet's first child was born, he converted a dresser drawer into a bassinet. For his second child, he borrowed a crib. While in New York conducting business with clients to invest six-figure sums in the 1960s, Mr. Buffett notionally phoned a friend from New York’s Plaza Hotel to bring over a six-pack of Pepsi so he wouldn’t have to pay for room service. He drove a Volkswagen until his wife decided it was bad for his image and upgraded him to a Cadillac. Thrifty measures such as these has made Warren Buffett a well- sought after investment advisor.

How to discern rather your significant other is cautious within reason.

Results Speak Louder Than Words.

But how do you know if he is cheap or wise? Erin asked this question,“Is my husband wise, or just cheap? Well, today one of our church leaders counseled us to pay off mortgages as fast as possible, and my heart swelled with gratitude for my cheap husband. Maybe wisdom and cheapness can co-exist in one person.

Thrifty measures may work well in some relationships. But is a frugal man a desirable soul mate?

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Is The Man In Your Life Cheap Or Wise?

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The Cheapskate Guide

  • Save gas and ride Bikes: Go Biking together similar to the romantic couples in Paris.
  • Go with a smaller house: Rent a Villa inspired house. Save your money and travel.
  • Eat out less: Pack your picnic basket and set off to the park.
  • Eat out frugally: Do not order off the kids menu. Look for deals in your local newspaper.
  • Find more ways to save here. The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living.

Lateeya Sings Cheap Date. Young Couples Live on Love Alone

Being Cheap Is Cute When Your Young...However As You Grow Older Things Change

Your teen age daughter may not mind dating a thrifty guy. Teen age girls are just looking for a fun time. They don't mind a cheap date. Lateeya's- Cheap date song.

Is he wise or is he cheap?

As women grow older our desires become more extravagant. The cheap date song is no longer acceptable. We want steak and lobster. Fast food catered by cheap men becomes unacceptable. Is he wise or is he cheap? Only time will tell.

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