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Is first sight love is present.... ?

Updated on February 8, 2015

Base idea

Its totally based on luck, because there are many factor which need to be with us to propose that girl, if you really want a girl then it is require that you had spend a good time with her.

Some Funny factor are needed

1.girl need to be single, otherwise it may be really painful to fall in love.

2.girl should also interested in you. came expense come, money is must.

4.girl's Dad should not be in police.

5.Big brother.(no need to explain)

6.girl should not a lesbian.

Love Requires Time

Both happy in that Moment only
Both happy in that Moment only

Attraction Vs Love

There is slight difference between love and attraction and love when we understand this difference we can change our mind set,

just think once before you think that you are in love.

Real Love needs time afferts, we just can't say that I have spend a one or two month and I am in love .it all about what type of that person is , because most of the people are likable at first meet but when it comes to love guys just wait there may be a person who can't handle your emotion.

When you are in love everything shines

May love happen in first sight

Suppose You are in love With some girl in first sight but when you search you feel that she is married, then we have to give up and after a time we will automatically forget that girl because we know there is no chance.

In second case may the girl is unmarried and she is good and ready to marry that is totally a luck. And actually its rare.

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Its all about ego

When a boy gone mad for any girl, then its all about Ego, he feels how a girl can reject him, but actually if he really love her then he must care about her felling.


Lucky men get a girl in first sight love, otherwise love require more afferts.

© 2014 Sourabh jain


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