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Is He Interested?

Updated on October 4, 2014

The Dreamer

We have all been through the dating game and some of us have found the perfect partner, some haven't and many have found someone that they believe in their hearts to be "The One" waiting for him to love them back just as much.

When you love someone you will do absolutely anything for them, listen to every word that they say and follow them in whatever direction they decide to go. There are moments of pure joy and happiness and there are times where you feel like breaking down and crying because all the love that you have given has gone unnoticed and you feel like you have been taken for granted.

The love that you have been giving is not being returned and you stay and wait and hope for the day that he loves you back!

How long are you willing to wait? How many tears do you wish to shed? How hurt do you want to feel until you are completely broken?

Are you still with him, living in hope?

Is he interested
Is he interested

If He Is Interested...

For those women who are in a relationship going nowhere, this is for you.

If he his truly interested than you will feel his love. He will adore you and want to give you affection.

He will make time to listen to you and to give you his attention.

He will make you feel safe and will always defend you.

If he loves you then he will make you feel good, confident and able to be your self.

In a long term relationship, he will be prepared to marry you and will share his future ambitions and dreams with you.

Aguy that doesn't care what you are doing and where you are is not interested
Aguy that doesn't care what you are doing and where you are is not interested

He is not Interested.

He doesn't care about what you are doing

He is not affectionate

He does not want to take you out

He does not communicate or doesn't listen

He does not talk about commitment and future plans

He makes you feel ugly

He makes you cry

He verbally abuses you

He blames everything on you

He would rather spend time with anyone but you

He takes you for granted

Relationships are not about arguments, although everyone has them
Relationships are not about arguments, although everyone has them

Open your Eyes

In long -term relationships, partners often tend to get stuck in a rut where they get into a comfort zone. Communication is the key to solving most of those issues, because if your partner loves you, you should be able to talk to him and he will be willing to listen and work on your relationship together with you.

If you have aired out your issues and he does not listen, or you are too afraid to let him know that you are hurting, then you have a serious problem.

Love is not always easy and partners often go through tough times but if you are a woman that has felt neglected, hurt, humiliated or disrespected in any way then perhaps you should rethink your commitment.

Being taken for granted is a horrible way to live your life and if you cry more than you laugh, then your relationship is not going to go anywhere and it is time for you to get your confidence back, stand on your own two feet and be strong enough to see the signs and walk away!

More damage will be done to you if you continue to stay in an unhealthy relationship waiting for your partner to love you back or making excuses for his behaviour.

If he doesn't love you now than he never will!

Move on and start your life over because you can do it and there is someone out there that is your true soulmate; he will love and adore you and make you feel as if there is no one in the world as good as you!

Is He Interested?

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