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Is He "The Mr.Right" For Your Life?

Updated on June 17, 2017

Mr. Right


Your Mr. Right

Let's take it from my own life experience, back then many years ago, just with a blink of an eye, I felt that attraction, excitement and romance towards my Mr. Right (now my husband). But I am sure for a lot of many other women who are searching for Mr. Right, the game of love is a crooked and difficult roads of broken promises. Where often "the one or Mr. Right" is either too late, long gone, or maybe destined to be never appear at all. BUT REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE.

Even though that there is risk in love, there are also great rewards when passion and purpose fall between the right embrace, moment and person. There is huge possibility for each of us to marry our own soul mate. So please before you decide to jump into the twisted paths of romance, be sure to always familiar yourself to the sign that you will encounter along the way, and recognize which will really lead your hope and heart to the man of your dream.

Please look and see the following details:

The existence of the natural ease and flow. There is a natural chemistry that really defined that you have your perfect match. You do not need to push it, force it, pull it, tug it or modify it to make it fit. It is easy to see if you have that flow and ease in your relationship. Also, easy for others around you to see.

He always listens to you. Before opens his heart to you, he should first opens his ears. Means he is genuinely cares, concerns and loves your issues. A man who wants to be in your life for a long term, he is fully available to you and listens to you when you need him. He will be your guidance and support and will not show you a deaf ear simply because your problem is too big for him. If he does not know what is the solution to give you, he will always try hard to find one.

You do not need to compromise who you are. A person who like to change you isn't the person for you. You should always be able to stay being who you are, while you are maintaining, enjoying and living the healthier relationship with your partner. He should always makes you feel good about being you, while he is always encouraging you to be better. And if a man doesn't feel good about him self, he will not be able to make you feel good about you.

This blog is dedicated to all my sisters in the world who search for their soul mate and for my younger sister who is now perhaps having her soul mate right in front of her eyes.

It Is Vital That You Have The Right One

Your Mr. Right is going to be your life partner for the rest of your life. So it is very important for you to be sure that if he is really the right one for you. You are prepared to have him everyday next to you, sleeping next to you and sharing almost everything in your life with him.

Here you need to have some few things to look at;

He should have a good sense of humor. Life is not going to be always smooth, we all are going to experience the ups and down of life situation. So it is very important that you will have a life partner that know how to make you smile.

A very strong friendship with him. Your days of excitement in early dates are over, you are going then the next level of relationship. Relationship that is more solid and more comfortable of each other.

Your partner should be a reliable partner. He will have to be the solid partner who you can fully rely on at all time and not the one that will keep you always wonder of things regarding him.

A romantic partner is very important. You need to have a man that knows how to keep the relationship always alive and lasting.

A man who doesn't play game. You wouldn't be happy with a man who doesn't put the cards on the table. He needs to be clear and transparent.

Your sexually attraction towards him is another important thing. This is going to drive your relationship together in the first place and forever with him. The spark needs to be always alive and no bores ever occur.

He needs to have a sense of fun. Life will never be dull when you have a partner who knows how to keep you amuse, especially during those down times. He should be there with you to share the same value.

You and your partner should have things in common that can continue create a solid relationship and life future together.

A partner that knows how to get on with your family. You know that your family know you well, so if your partner doesn't know how to get along with your family, it would be making your life harder. And if he knows how to get along with your family, everything will be much easier for you.

A partner that is a hardworking man is also a good ground of having a long-lasting relationship. He is a man who know how to put his priority straight and not just a man who prefers going to a pub for beers and usually will ruin the quality time with you.

He should know well how to make time for you.

An honest man is a key for a peaceful and solid relationship. Good communication, good ability in forgiving and forgetting.

He should be as well a man that is there completely for you and really interested in your life, in projecting the future together with you openly with full trust and without any secrets.


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