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Is it better to be a man or a woman?

Updated on April 21, 2011

Is it better to be a man or a woman?

People will definitely have different answers to the question, “do you want to be a man or a woman?” some people will like to maintain their current gender while others will like to change either way, if they have the means and opportunity to do so. In fact scientific techniques have been employed by some people to change their gender. Some families, depending on the tradition and culture, will prefer a male child to a female child or the other way round.

In ancient times gender had some values and roles which where strictly marked for instance in ancient Greece men were not only given some certain roles but were also trained as warriors and gladiators but women soon joined the trade. Women are gaining ground and they are no longer only routine home materials. They can now compete with men in virtually all the walks of life. Maybe that is why the saying “what a man can do a woman can also do it, and even better.” Well how true the saying is can be questioned by some people.

There are some characteristics of a man which is expected to absent in a woman. Women are generally thought to be more emotional than men. This may be because they are mothers and they have more bound to the children. It may also be because of the two X sex chromosomes among others. I have to ask the question because a friend of mine was crying over his losses so we had to comfort him. One of our friends said to him “be a man.” He said, “No! It is better I be a woman today, so that I can express my heart and let go of my pains through tears.” It means that men have the mind to endure pains, no wonder someone sang, “I sometimes I had to wonder why, I have never seen a man cry till I see the man die.” That is a man can be dying in pains yet he will not show it.

Our friend, in his tears, continued, “I know that I have been a man since my life because my mother told me while I was growing that is better for her to give birth to a male dwarf who will have the courage to kill a snake and to confront obstacles like a man than for her to give birth to a giant that will be afraid to kill a snake and to face obstacles like a man. I have kept her words and I have been a man but today I choose to be a woman. I will tell you guys a story that happened in West Africa. A luxurious bus was stopped by armed robbers. They commanded the passengers to alight the bus and they commanded that all the men should move to the right side while the woman should move to the left to enable them search them and take their belongings. It was a typical African setting so the women wore wrappers so the robbers only searched their under wears, if the hid anything in it since wrappers do not have pocket. As the robbers searched the woman they saw a man that hid himself among the women. They got annoyed and pointed their gun at him, ‘are you deaf? We said all the men to the right so why are you here?’ The man answered, ‘I am here because I am not a man. You are the men even those that claimed to be men that moved to the right, they are not men because you men command them and they obey. So I am not a man.’ The robbers enjoyed his praise so they searched him like they searched the women meanwhile he wore trousers and had cash in his pocket but they did not search his pocket, they only searched his under wears. Then the robbers moved to the right and searched the men and took all the cash they had in their pockets. ” Our friend went ahead, “so you see, because that man was a woman that day he did not loss anything. That is why I said it is better to be a woman sometimes and today I choose to be a woman.”

Although the story is funny but there are some things we can pick from it. It is good to be a man but there are situations a man better act like a woman for instance someone can wrong you and refuse to apologize. You can decide to fight back like a man or you ignore the person by acting like a woman and it does not mean that you are weak but maybe because you just want to sustain peace. There are also times we may have to let go our pains through tears so that our heart can be free from pain and the burden of carrying the pain. Therefore choose of being a man or a woman depends on the situation because even woman can decide to act like men when necessary.

That reminds me that women have some advantages under the law for instance it seems only women can be raped and no law is meant to help men that were raped. I remember a story of a bad guy that went to female hostel to quietly rape a girl. Unfortunately the girl raped him and as he shouted for help other girls in the hostel came and joined the party so he was completely raped. I also heard of other similar situation that a guy was raped but the guy did not go to rape any girl. He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time so the girls raped him. It means that women can also act like men when necessary. I do not know if countries have laws that allow men to report women to the law, if they are beaten by women. But it may even be a shame for a man to make such report because he is a man.

The choice of being a man or a woman depends on the situation and what you want to achieve so I do not know your choose and your answer to the question, “do you want to be a man or a woman?”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      Thanks Dave, you have been a great follower. Like you rightly said there is no sex difference, at for those that hold to equity for all. The primary point in the hub is that we can choose to be emotional like women or courageous like men. It all depends on the situation and how we choose to act.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      voted up and useful. I am a male but first and foremost, I am a spiritual creation of Almighty God and as a spirit, there is no sexual differences.