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Is it me? No, really, is it?

Updated on June 24, 2009

My mom use to say I had a crazy magnet, meaning if there was a crazy anywhere near me, I would attract them. Apparently my magnet is as strong as ever.

[8:10:03 pm]random dude from chat:you are so pretty and feminine... *blush* i wish i could be...

[8:20:16 pm]jenmata:you wish you could be...?

[8:20:16 pm]jenmata:you wish you could be...?

[8:21:07 pm]r.d.f.c:pretty

[8:22:17 pm]r.d.f.c:i am a handsome, 6ft2, strong, light beard...i just feel i have female in me

[8:23:08 pm]jenmata:interesting

[8:23:16 pm]jenmata:and you're married to a woman? (married stated as status in profile)

[8:23:27 pm]r.d.f.c:yes

[8:24:41 pm]jenmata:how is that working out for you?

[8:25:05 pm]r.d.f.c:i love her. we have been married 10 years....but she is not able to accept the girl in me....

[8:26:42 pm]r.d.f.c:i would love your choices....

[8:28:06 pm]r.d.f.c:have you had any luck here?

[8:29:09 pm]r.d.f.c:well. hugs.

[8:34:11 pm]jenmata:But then maybe you shouldn't say you're straight

[8:34:22 pm]jenmata:so that you can find what you're looking for

[8:34:24 pm]jenmata:no?

[8:35:01 pm]r.d.f.c:i am straight....but maybe bisexual. i am never attracted to men, but the girl in me is attracted to penis...a lot. *blush*

[8:35:06 pm]jenmata:My choices? I'm only attracted to straight men, are they who you are referring to?

[8:35:25 pm]jenmata:hmmm, not sure I get it actually

[8:35:41 pm]jenmata:you feel like a woman?

[8:35:43 pm]r.d.f.c:your choice to get up and wear jeans and a tank or a pretty dress and heels, the choice to be soft or strong

[8:35:54 pm]jenmata:I see

[8:36:14 pm]r.d.f.c:i just have male in me and female...

[8:36:18 pm]jenmata:I could never be as strong as a man though

[8:36:24 pm]jenmata:or would I want to be

[8:36:41 pm]jenmata:well we all do, it's just one is much stronger than the other

[8:36:48 pm]r.d.f.c:yes

[8:37:01 pm]jenmata:I like traditional gender roles

[8:37:08 pm]jenmata:I like my men very masculine

[8:37:10 pm]r.d.f.c:i have always felt both in me...which is why i am not transgender

[8:37:18 pm]r.d.f.c:i am sure

[8:37:21 pm]r.d.f.c:you do

[8:37:25 pm]jenmata:I can see how your wife would not be comfortable with the girl in you

[8:37:45 pm]jenmata:I know I wouldn't

[8:38:04 pm]r.d.f.c:yes

[8:39:35 pm]r.d.f.c:i just want a special friend, talk, baths, talk about her lovers, serve her orally, play with toys, kiss

[8:39:52 pm]r.d.f.c:walk in central park

[8:40:06 pm]jenmata:well, I hope you find what you're looking for

[8:40:10 pm]r.d.f.c:ty

What can I say, the weirdness follows me home and apparently creeps through my computer as well. Ah the joys of online dating. Tell me, how much do want my dating life right about now? You have to hand it to me though, I make you appreciate your significant other a little more every time you read this blog, don’t I? You’re welcome, my pleasure.


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