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Is it worth dating online

Updated on February 17, 2012

When it comes to online dating, it may be successful for some people and not really successful for other people. These days you hear people say that they tried online dating and it worked for them because they were able to meet their soul mate, that special someone online when they couldn't meet one offline.

Everyone has their way of finding their love. Online dating has its advantages, you can read their profile and see what they like to do, their interests, their hobbies. Even see the pictures that they post of themselves. You have a chance to even write to them and get to know them better before meeting them in person.

However, there are a bit of disadvantages when it comes to online dating. One has to think, how true is the information that they provide about themselves. You look at the picture and say is that really the person that I am viewing or are they using someone else's picture. One should always be cautious when it comes to meeting someone online, make sure that person is actually who they are and that they are not just looking for only a short good time.

Most of the time people will just give up on the online dating sites because yes, you can view the person's profile for free, but in order to write to them you have to pay, such as in eharmony, and some other sites that I can't really think of. Now there are some totally free sites like plenty of fish, but one has to be careful because especially with free sites like those there are some crazy profiles posted.

Online dating sites may help a few people find that right person, however it isn't always for everyone. Some prefer to meet their special someone somewhere else. What do you think about dating sites, is it worth it? How many relationships are successful?


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    • alisha4u profile image

      alisha4u 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Not many of them, I've known went on for long...

      But exceptions are always there...