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Is my Filipina girl real? Money matters! Filipina scammers

Updated on March 27, 2016

My Filipina girl

Im true, not scammer Filipina pretty girl
Im true, not scammer Filipina pretty girl | Source

Can any one tell if his Filipino girl is real for him and true for their relationship?

I was asked this questions many times over and over , year after year. Is there clear answer? Do any one can tell if his Filipina woman is real for him and true for their relationship?
It looks very hard to answer!
But it is not impossible , there are some ways , you can make some judgement about your Filipino woman , if she is real or not.. There other aspects of life and any relationship, where money is not in the image. She may not ask money at all, but she is not real! Here, I'm going to discuss money matters only.

She is asking money !

If she does not ask for money immediately upon meeting you! sure if she did not ask you money , it is a good indication that she is not after money! This does not mean if your girl asked for small amounts for money , you can sat ahead that she is not real.. How she is asking for money? how much? At what stage of your relationship , she started to ask for money? all these question will make the answer.
If you are at the very early stages, that maybe online introductory stage, and she asks for money from you, no matter how much , you may take a decision to turn off the chat and block her. This would be the best to do, you will never regret.

You may say, that it is a small amount of money , and sending her such small amounts makes you feel happy. If this is your opinion, remember it the time you discover the truth. In the very early stages , she asks you money, what she is going to do next stage. Do you know that, you maybe on of many whom she is currently chatting and asking money. Small money is good enough when she has many men online willing to donate!

Asking money on line? What does it mean?

When a Filipino girl starts to ask money from you, you may consider the following: either she is a money scammer, she wants only to get money from you and from other men as well. Some scammers are known by name as their victims posted about them in social media.
“First is the financial burden that they are facing with mom's present condition, plus she has her kids which needs support". Scammers usually start as a lovely girl falling in love with you, then changes into demands for money for sick relatives, brothers, car accidents, support for children.

What if she did not ask money while you are still at the on line stage of the realtion. This is a good sign enough to proceed forward, but be careful " don't fall in love with her on line!". I know some men that had fallen in love with their Filipino girl while chatting on line , they suffered a lot later. But I cannot deny that some succeeded to have a good long term relationship after that , that ended in making a good family.

I know a Turkish man, he met a Filipino girl online and really loved her , he used to send her small amount of money every month, she also loved him while both were still online relation. He decided to travel to Philippines to visit the girl her loved online. He came to Philippines , stayed 2 weeks with her, then left and never come back, never chat , call nor send money any more. What happened exactly? Where is that great love they shared online? I don'y know, he did not tell me the details! All what I saw on his face is regret for his wasted time and money for the trip!

Making money online, by Filipina scammers
Making money online, by Filipina scammers | Source

Where To Find the 'Good Girls' in the Philippines

There are many more 'good girls'; in the Philippines than 'bad' ones, I believe. But where do you find them? It needs effort , but not majic to find good filipina girl. You can meet her any where , but remember this golden advice:"do not give a girl whom you have just met online anywhere around the world, money". A true Filipina will never ask you for one cent, even if she is in dare need. She would prefer to work as house maid, sell items on a cart, or even do car wash than to ask money.

You can meet good Filipino girl in the mall , working as cashier or sales ladies, or in the small convenient stores found in all corners of the Philippines like seven eleven, or ministop store. You can find them in the offices, banks, restaurants where women are more visible than Filipino men. A Filipina is a hard worker, many of them are the bread winners of the family. I may say them are more responsible than many of their local men. I will not advice to look for Filipina in the bars , where most foreigners try to search when they are in the Philippines. This does not mean all Filipina working in bars are bad. Also I don't advice to look for her in the internet where many scammers are there!. I believe the majority of the Filipinas whom guys meet online are not good enough to be true wife in the future, some are good, some good families were started online, this is true but it is not the rule, it is the exception. Don't be disappointed for my statements. To summarize the above information, even with the high numbers of scamming Filipinas online, I still have much more faith in the loyalty, devotion, honesty, and integrity of a Filipina, than I ever will have in other women. What I'm doing here is trying to find how to reach for the best women in the Philippines.

Check Your Filipina before going deeper

Here is an idea , think about it first before you judge me. Why you don't check for her before letting your relation going deep?. If you have a girl whom you may feel concerned about, you may have someone check her out prior to putting you heart in her hands and your money into her pockets. This is a must, even it does sound good or moral, but she is not your girl yet anyway. You need to know the "truth" before getting too far along in a relationship. This can be done whether in the early stages of online meeting , or in real life in the Philippines, while she is not yet your girlfriend. Check for her, it may be life saving.

Where to find Your Filipina ? Video

Have any experience with Filipina money scammers?

If yes, please drop me a comment with your experiences.

Have any experience with Filipina money scammers?

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