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Is she truly your best friend???

Updated on January 8, 2010

I thought I could trust her

 Well girls, when you have a friendship of 20 plus years, you think you can trust your best friend? I was wrong. My husband and I have been friends with another couple for a very long time. I knew she had strong oppinions about things but still, I loved her dearly and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for her and she would do anything for me. We talked about things that no one knew about, or so I thought. We did things together, and we were there for each others children. Well, my marriage went south. My ex started telling them things that I told him in confidence and boy, that is when it all started. She was calling my daughter and talking about me like I was the worst person in the world when she never even talked to me about the situation and then she would call me and tell me how much she loved me and wanted to talk. She told me that I can tell her anything and it wouldn't change things. I told her that I was not ready to talk to anyone about what was going on in my life but she insisted. I stopped taking her phone calls when I found out she was trying to put a wedge between me and my daughter and she started telling my daughter how to raise MY grandchildren.

So what I am trying to say is that even tho you think you know someone real well, things aren't always as they seem. I now know who I can trust and who I can't.



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