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Is this a Girl Crush or Love Crush? Am I Gay? (LGBT)

Updated on March 13, 2016

Am I Gay?

Women are more likely to put the label of BEST FRIEND on someone they admire and want to be more like them. Girls can be possessive of their friends. But when does a Girl Crush become more serious?

You talk to each other almost every day!

Girl crush: You gush about your day and you have girl bitch sessions. You trust her with your secrets and tell her all about the great Indian restaurant you found and the cute guy you met at Starbucks.

The Love Crush: You want to hear everything about her day and secretly you would like to be able to hold her and sooth her when she has a bad day. You want to physically touch her and it is that is an acceptable reason for you getting to touch her. You might be gay.

Sometimes you touch her without her having a bad day.

Girl Crush: You hug each other hello and goodbye and kiss each other on the cheek. You give a quick nudge or slap her on the back when she has totally cracked you up with her sense of humor. You might do a public kiss when you are out clubbing just for shock value or do drunken boob grab as a joke.

The Love Crush: You put your hand on her thigh or hold her hands in your hands when you are having a conversation, just because you can. You know you are overstepping, but she doesn't have to know. You are hoping to go clubbing so you can possibly steal a kiss. You might be gay.

You Encourage Her to Leave Her Boyfriend

Girl Crush: Her boyfriend is an idiot and you think she should dump him. She deserves to find someone who treats her well. You hate to see her in pain.

The Love Crush: You have unsolicited conversations with her to dump the man you think isn't good enough for her. You are jealous of the time they are spending together and you would be so much better to her. You might be gay.

You give her the most amazing gifts

Girl Crush: You want to get her things that she really enjoys for her birthday and the holidays. You spend a lot of time shopping to find her just the right gift.

The Love Crush: You constantly see things that she might like and you want to buy them for her. You don't want her to know that you are thinking about her a lot, so you don't buy them. Or you do and you stockpile them for a special occasion. You might be gay.

You stare at her A LOT

Girl Crush: She had a real talent with makeup and hair. She can throw it up in a clip and make it look amazing. And her clothes and sense of style doesn't go unnoticed by many people. You wish you were a bit more like her.

The Love Crush: You notice her perfect pouty mouth and blue-blue eyes. You wonder what it would be like to kiss her. You gaze into those eyes and can get lost in them. You notice the cute little gestures she makes with her delicate hands. She is so graceful and you just want to hold her hand. You might be gay.

You are a little jealous

Girl Crush: She has the perfect wardrobe and drives that really fun BMW convertible wearing her Prada sunglass. She even looks good wearing sweat pants. When you go out clubbing, or even out to lunch, she seems to turn the heads of men and women. But she doesn't seem to notice, so you can't hate her.

Love Crush: You are jealous of her boyfriend or the men who hit on her. You might find yourself being a bit more than possessive. You brush it off by telling her that you wish men were as interested in you, but that isn't really true. You want her to be more interested in YOU. You might be gay.

You want to know everything about her life

Girl Crush: Her life is more exciting than yours. And of course, you want to know where she shops and who does her nails and hair. You might just have to switch to hairdresser because her hair is amazing

Love Crush: You want to know about her childhood, where she grew up, all about her brothers and sisters. You want to know her more on a greater emotionally intimate level. You might be gay.

Okay, this is just a very short list of things that might indicate that your Crush is a REAL Crush. If you fall more into the Love Crush, this might be an indication that you are bisexual or gay. But maybe not. You might be questioning your sexuality. But then again, you might have a girl crush on a super cool woman. There are a lot of people who question their sexuality. Did you know there are life coaches who can help you sort through your feelings and questions? It is a safe place to talk with someone who understands.


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